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Valentino's artistic collaboration with Meta: a move to redefine virtual fashion aesthetics?

Luxury fashion brands are notable for their metaverse endeavours. As the fashion world is more associated with trends, most of the renowned fashion brands, such as Gucci, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, have joined the metaverse trend long ago and are coming up with interesting initiatives to attract audiences in the virtual world.

7-Eleven harnessing the collectibles trend: a way to bond beyond transactions?

From Disney and Warner Music to Nike and Starbucks, many of the world's biggest brands have already jumped on the Web3 bandwagon. Particularly as NFTs represent a very strong potential for improving brand-customer relationships, the adoption of NFTs and their use cases is just multiplying by the day.

LVMH plays Games on Web3 – say what?

The luxury brand LVMH has struck a deal with Epic Games on its digital journey to Creative Transformation.

The Fabricant and Highsnobiety Collaborate on Web3 with Limited Edition Wearables

Highsnobiety, the street-wear brand and The Fabricant, which is an NFT luxury fashion brand, are launching a Web3

Adidas puts its best foot forward into Web3

Adidas Originals collaborates with one of the most innovative artists in the Web3 realm, FEWOCiOUS, to bring its fans a unique original collection of physical and digital products, and they are releasing a limited edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass to celebrate!

Staying Spiritually Loyal - Santo Spirits’ Web3 Loyalty Program

Santo Spirits is stepping into the world of Web3, in partnership with Trident3 and introducing a pioneering loyalty program

Web3 or not Web3 – that is the question!

The feverish frenzy that once gripped everyone like a wave has perhaps died down. But that does not mean that brands have abandoned Web3 as was seen at Ad Age’s Web3 Marketing Summit held recently.

Metaverse and Gucci – a great marketing plan

Gucci and Vans have both built experiences on Roblox before, albeit separately. Now they are back there again – but this time, they are together.

ZA Bank goes into crypto – will Web 3 rise from its ashes?

At a time when everyone eyes anything connected with Web 3 as if it were something the cat dragged in, here is some news!


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