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LG Ad Solutions' survey on CTV ads: an eye-opener for brands?

With the increased adoption of connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms among audiences, a significant number of brands in the market

Audiences flock to ad-supported streaming platforms. Brands, are you noticing?

With the expansion of digital platforms and changing consumer preferences in recent years, the streaming video industry has

Attention-grabbing innovation in CTV advertising, paving the way to connect with viewers like never before!

Due to the ease of access to an array of content options, CTV’s popularity among consumers is only growing. Although it is already known that CTV viewers are mostly younger generations, the data from eMarketer shows that older demographics are not an exception, and they are also gradually switching from traditional TV to CTV.

Roku partners with Shopify, unlocking new possibilities for users and brands!

The usage of streaming services among audiences has phenomenally increased, especially post-pandemic. The convenience and flexibility it provides to watch hundreds of TV shows and movies anytime invariably attract audiences to shift towards it from traditional TV.

Innovid joins hands with Upwave— will it streamline the journey for CTV advertisers?

The popularity of CTV's viewership has skyrocketed in recent years. Statistics show the CTV market is projected to reach

CTV ad frauds are on the rise. Advertisers, are you in the know?

Due to the convenience and flexibility it provides, CTV has grown significantly in recent years.

NewFronts 2023: A Quick Roundup for marketers!

The IAB NewFronts’ 2023 presentations kicked off in the first week of May. All the big names in the industry, from Meta, Snap, and Google to Roku and Peacock, participated and presented at the event.

The Fight for Eyeballs: Will TV Networks or YouTube Win the Battle?

The ongoing battle between TV networks and YouTube further induced the media measurement debate.

A new trend is evolving around RMNs and streaming media. Marketers, are you noticing?

Disney Advertising and Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), Kroger's retail media division, have recently announced their partnership. As part of the deal, KPM will share its first-party shopper data for targeting

Walmart’s new move pushes the boundaries for CTV advertisers

Walmart Connect has recently partnered with Innovid to assist advertisers on Walmart's demand-side platform in delivering more personalized and interactive ad creatives for connected TVs.

Netflix plans to mend its ad tech: Does it make the game risky for advertisers?

Netflix announced a new partnership with tech behemoth Microsoft in July 2022 to amplify its advertising revenue on the online streaming service. However, after a few setbacks, Netflix appears to be considering other options, including buying or building its own ad technology.

Nielsen's Data Accuracy is Under Scrutiny: What Does It Mean for Marketers?

Disney Advertising, which owns ESPN and other outlets, recently held an unusual three-hour closed-door meeting with Nielsen executives, spanning key players from across industry segments, to discuss concerns about the accuracy of live sports ratings.

Google Ads Introduces New CTV Ad Features, Helping Marketers Track Better

Google's Display & Video 360 platform has announced new features to assist advertisers in planning, purchasing, and measuring connected TV (CTV) campaigns.

OTT & CTV - The Cornerstone of Holiday Marketing 2022

The Holiday Season is in full swing and so is the marketing that goes with it.


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