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Pinterest streamlines shopping journeys for customers—presents opportunity for brands!

With social media evolving and becoming predominant for brands to meet users’ expectations in this digital-first world, social media platforms are proliferating. And everyone is striving to offer something different to make their platforms intuitive for audiences and beneficial for brands.

I’ll tell you what I want – what I really, really want: Pinterest for the win!

Pinterest is truly in a unique position now. It is deluged by users who come there with an active intent to find and buy new products or

Pinterest is silently booming. Marketers - Are you in the know?

Pinterest announced some fresh updates as part of its presentation at ShopTalk 2023 to assist retailers in boosting their opportunities in the app.

Pinterest releases new insights: A lot to watch out for advertisers!

Pinterest, a visual social media platform, has recently released some new Pin ad tips based on brand lift studies and feedback from over 120,000 Pinners.

Pinterest tests a new premium video ad format, unlocking new opportunities for brands

Pinterest is experimenting with a new advertising product called "Premiere Spotlight Ad." It allows brands to reach customers directly through the mobile app.

Pin it – Longer Idea Pins from Pinterest. Will it be Any Beneficial for Marketers?

Pinterest has introduced longer video clips in its Idea Pins increasing the duration from 60 seconds to five whole minutes!

Pinterest Launches Data Clean Rooms with LiveRamp: Facilitating Collaboration in Privacy-First Era

Pinterest has announced its partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data enablement platform. With this partnership, it will implement data clean rooms for selected ad partners and enable brands to utilize their first-party data for ad targeting in a safe and secure manner.


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