Pinterest Launches Data Clean Rooms with LiveRamp: Facilitating Collaboration in Privacy-First Era

Published: January 06, 2023

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Pinterest has announced its partnership with LiveRamp, a leading data enablement platform. With this partnership, it will implement data clean rooms for selected ad partners and enable brands to utilize their first-party data for ad targeting in a safe and secure manner.

As explained by Pinterest:

Pinterest’s integration with LiveRamp provides a protected, third-party space where enterprise brands can join their first-party data and Pinterest platform data in a secure environment. The clean room keeps data private, and provides aggregated insight into ad performance. Because the neutral clean room environment offers advanced privacy controls, neither party’s personally identifiable sales and campaign data is visible to the other party.

For now, Pinterest is collaborating with grocery retailer Albertsons Media Collective network. It soon anticipates to collaborate with more diverse retail media networks, which often need custom options to report campaign effectiveness on a brand-by-brand basis.

The clean room for Albertsons Media Collective will be an ongoing initiative to deliver closed-loop reporting for brands, and it will kick off with a winter healthy eating campaign, with crucial metrics, such as return on ad spend, to be measured.

Data privacy is a priority for Albertsons Media Collective, and we’re excited to pilot this new clean room initiative with a trusted partner. We believe using clean rooms can provide our clients with the data they expect to make informed decisions about their advertising in a privacy-preserving manner. While our initial test pilot focuses on enabling closed-loop measurement, this partnership will ultimately provide our team a more holistic view of our customers’ digital footprint to unlock more advanced measurement capabilities, like incrementality and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), down the road.

Kristi Argyilan, SVP Retail Media,

Albertsons Media Collective

The new data clean room environment will allow additional data aggregation thresholds powered by LiveRamp to enable both parties to further limit how their data can be accessed, joined, queried, or shared.

Enabling the future of data collaboration with data clean rooms

Pinterest’s foray into facilitating "clean rooms" for data sharing points towards a future of greater collaboration opportunities in a privacy-first era.

With the nearing demise of third-party cookies, data clean rooms are fast emerging as a viable solution to facilitate ad targeting and tracking. As Meta, Linkedin, and Amazon are also implementing clean rooms in different ways, it’s not surprising to see Pinterest join the bandwagon.

In a cookieless world, data clean rooms, where walled gardens share aggregated data without compromising privacy, will become essential to contend with global privacy norms. Along with first-party data assets, clean rooms will augment data collection efforts for brands. In fact, Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprise marketers will adopt data clean rooms by 2023.

As soon as Pinterest opens up its clean rooms to include more retail media networks, enterprise brands can access enriched customer insights. Pinterest’s clean rooms can help brands discover new audiences that match their ideal buyer persona and analyze consumer behaviour in real-time.

The enhanced data can allow marketers to create bespoke campaigns tailored to individual sets of data, rather than using broad data with a less strategic approach.

It’s high time marketers look at data clean rooms as a collaborative way to gather insights and not as a direct substitute for cookies. While cookies made it easy to match records across most digital channels, data clean rooms are more complex. They need a form of identity graph to facilitate cross-party data matching and should provide a common ground for businesses to share data.

With that in mind, organizations that leverage Pinterest for their marketing efforts can look forward to this new partnership and augment their marketing analytics stack. For now, we think data clean rooms are poised to revolutionize how companies and data partners collaborate, share, and analyze data, while safeguarding consumer privacy in the process.


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