About Marpov

What is Marpov?

Marpov stands for Marketing Point of View. And what you will see here is marketing news with perspectives.

This is a 360-degree marketing blog focused on B2C marketing. Not only about digital marketing. Or simply about MarTech. It is about marketing in the modern age, effectively using tech and digital as enablers to drive the brand forward. We mix in the occasional piece of offline ad communication with some digital.

The news is carefully curated by a bunch of marketing experts, which means there won’t be any junk in your inbox—at least not junk that we contribute to—just marketing news that we think you should know.

Marpov is not intended to be an exhaustive news update site. Marpov focuses more on quality than quantity.

Why Marpov?
Too Much Noise.
Very Little Signal.

Right now, across the internet, there is a whole lot of noise—names, events, news, happenings, B2B lead generation—but what is missing are the insights on how marketing leaders can best leverage digital, analytics, communication, and MarTech to accomplish marketing goals. Regardless of whether it is an awareness, salience, or acquisition goal,

This blog aims to present, to the overwhelmed marketers of today, news and points of view that will count.

Our Mission

Our mission is to present today’s marketers with news and conversations that will keep them relevant in the constantly evolving marketplace that they belong to—the changing ideologies and concepts, the rapidly changing technological landscape, and the changing expectations of the customer.

We achieve this by manually sifting through the marketing-related news pieces, filtering out the noise, adding marketing angles to them, and delivering them in a bite-sized format so that marketing professionals can use them to improve their marketing.

The People behind Marpov

Marpov is brought to you by a bunch of marketing professionals that have hands on experience in providing consulting and solution implementation for global brands across the digital, analytics, and MarTech spaces. The team has 200+ man-years of collective marketing experience from serving more than 100 global brands.

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