Recur Introduces Recur Builder, A One-Stop Platform to Build and Launch Web3 Experiences

Published: January 09, 2023

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Recur, the premier Web3 platform known for assisting major enterprises in launching innovative, multi-chain digital collectible experiences, recently announced the launch of RECUR Builder. Recur Builder is a new end-to-end, low-code, enterprise-grade Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Recur Builder enables enterprises to create, launch, and manage web3 experiences at scale, all from a single SaaS dashboard.

RECUR Builder connects Web2 and Web3 applications. Marketers and product leaders can enter Web3 and focus on what they do best with this SaaS tool. A marketer focusing on loyalty no longer needs to be a Web3 expert as well. Instead, they can use RECUR Builder to seamlessly integrate Web3 and enhance their existing loyalty programme.

Zach Bruch

CEO of Recur

Using Recur Builder, enterprise brands can create next generation commerce experiences, increase user retention, enhance loyalty programmes with new levels of personalization, and more.

Recur Builder was developed to eliminate the barriers that prevent a company from entering the Web3 space. Notably, Recur has already provided Web3 infrastructure for global brands such as Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Hello Kitty, Care, and others.

This SaaS platform is now enabling businesses of all sizes to seamlessly integrate Web3 into their current products, marketing stack, video games, and other applications. Enterprises can now access the entire Web3 stack through a single end-to-end software tool.

Recur Builder is currently in closed beta, with the platform's initial cohort of enterprise customers actively developing on it.

Does Recur Builder simplify the path for marketers to explore Web3?

While the vision and transition to Web3 technologies are to be applauded, the transition process has not been quite easy. There are numerous impediments to widespread Web3 adoption, including navigating technical and operational complexities. As a result, most brands are unable to harness the full potential of it.

Previously, brands had to juggle multiple vendors, from NFT minting to gamification to wallet management and security. But with Recur’s all in one platform, it aims to bundle advanced Web3 capabilities into a single Web3 tech stack. Besides, the Recur Builder makes it a simpler and less intimidating experience for brands.

Of late, brands have been experimenting with Web3 loyalty programmes to connect and engage with customers in innovative ways. With its low-code solution, Recur allows marketers to leverage this tool easily. This way, brands will get the capability to boost user retention by incorporating a new level of personalization into their Web3 loyalty programmes. Without having to be a Web3 expert.

Nevertheless, all the simplified solutions that have hit the market to adopt the concept of the next generation of the internet, Web3, still have their challenges, like sustainability, usability, and more. But, at the core of everything, we believe that we have to endure these kinds of challenges when every new technology evolves. And, eventually, we will find a way to reap the benefits. The same applies to Web3. On that note, we expect Recur Builder will facilitate brands to take a plunge into the world of Web3 with confidence and ease.


Pete Johnson

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