Phygital toolkit from Faith Tribe: an innovative move to unite the best of both worlds!

Published: July 21, 2023

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With the advancement of technologies, the digital landscape evolves, and consumer behaviours and preferences change. Thus, to satisfy customers and improve their experiences, businesses need to redefine their strategy so that they can adapt to new consumer behaviour and meet their demands successfully.

In that context, providing a phygital experience has become the new normal in the industry. As it adds more flexibility and convenience for customers, many brands are finding ways to enhance their phygital services. Needless to mention, GoTyme Bank Philippines recently promoted its plan for financial inclusion with a phygital approach.

Faith Tribe Ltd., an open-source fashion design platform, recently announced the upcoming beta debut of its membership platform and phygital toolkit for the new fashion world.

The platform seeks to support fashion designers, artists, and small businesses by offering an innovative toolkit that brings together digital and physical solutions. This extensive toolkit will allow fashion designers to develop, produce, market, and share their creations seamlessly.

Faith Tribe collaborates with the platforms listed below to ensure the success of their platform.

Threedium is a 3D engine that brings together the tools needed to create, distribute, and manage realistic 3D and augmented reality (AR) experiences on the internet.

DressX is the world's largest digital fashion store, incorporating 3D clothing collections as well as physical brand items and distinctive digital creations.

Solaire is a game-changing Web3 commerce infrastructure that links and automates fashion brands, resulting in higher profits and operational effectiveness.

The Faith Tribe platform will also include a Creative Hub where members' inventions, collaborations, and phygital collections can be displayed.

What does it mean for CIOs?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, providing phygital experiences not only brings a whole new way for brands to tell their brand story but also invariably enhances the customer experience.

As it is pivotal for any business, we believe Faith Tribe has made a most compelling move that could favour the fashion industry in various ways.

  • As the phygital toolkit provides access to advanced digital tools and features, businesses will be able to experiment with new ideas and push the boundaries of traditional fashion practises. As fashion is more about trends, embracing the phygital toolkit will help brands think outside the box, stay attuned to emerging trends, and meet ever-changing customer expectations.
  • As the phygital toolkit allows brands to create and manage 3D and AR experiences, fashion brands will be able to try and design for virtual environments. Correspondingly, by taking part in virtual fashion shows, which have been quite popular in the metaverse nowadays, brands will be able to generate valuable data. By applying the insights gained, brands can effectively gauge the impact and make critical decisions accordingly for physical and virtual product designs.
  • In a highly competitive fashion landscape, it is important for brands to offer unique experiences for users so as to cut through the noise and stand out. By embracing innovative tools like Faith Tribe’s, brands will be able to access advanced tools, learn how to use them, collaborate, and create cutting-edge designs for the physical and virtual worlds. This, in turn, will significantly help them provide a differentiated experience to customers and stay ahead of the curve.
  • As the Faith Tribe's Beta Platform enables access to exposure to world-class events, it can serve as a powerful tool for fashion brands to show off their creations to a diverse and vast audience. As a result, it can enhance the brand's visibility among potential customers and open up opportunities for partnerships and distribution deals in various markets.

In simple words, we believe the Phygital Toolkit from Faith Tribe is a no-brainer deal for fashion brands that look to catch up with trends, maximize their visibility, and make the most of existing business opportunities.


Jasmine Jackson

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