Pinterest streamlines shopping journeys for customers—presents opportunity for brands!

Published: July 19, 2023

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With social media evolving and becoming predominant for brands to meet users’ expectations in this digital-first world, social media platforms are proliferating. And everyone is striving to offer something different to make their platforms intuitive for audiences and beneficial for brands.

It is well known that Meta’s Thread app reached more than 100 million sign-ups in record time. It makes it clear that the social media landscape is getting hotter by the day, which makes every platform do something unique and intriguing to keep pulling audiences towards them.

Recently, Pinterest launched mobile deep links for shopping ads to assist users in moving from the discovery phase to purchase while enhancing conversion for businesses.

By adding mobile deep links, we're now making it easier for our visitors to get in touch with retailers and purchase the products they find on Pinterest.

Bill Watkins,

Chief revenue officer, Pinterest

Pinterest Shopping ads with mobile deep links redirect users to a particular page within the seller's app if it is installed on their device. It will make it easier for users to make purchases for products after hitting on a shopping ad they found on the platform.

If the user does not have the seller's app, they will be directed to the mobile web page—all in the Pinterest app.

The addition of mobile deep links in ads will shorten the path to purchase for users by eliminating extra steps. Correspondingly, it will make it simpler for brands to capture the attention of Pinners who come to the platform with a shopping mindset by leading them down the path to making a purchase.

What does it mean for CMOs?

Every month, over 460 million people browse Pinterest to find products and services for their home decorations, holiday plans, recipe ideas, and much more. And to drive its usage even more among audiences and brands, this image-sharing platform keeps building out and launching innovative offerings. Needless to mention, recently Pinterest has launched data clean rooms and introduced longer video idea pins.

And, now, with the introduction of mobile deep links for shopping ads, Pinterest is undoubtedly making the way smoother for brands to attract their potential customers.

  • As mobile deep links can seamlessly redirect users to the specific product page, it eliminates the need for them to manually search for a product within a brand's mobile app after clicking on a Pinterest ad. This capability enables brands to provide a frictionless experience for potential customers. This convenience, in turn, can increase the likelihood of users completing their purchase and help brands boost their conversions.
  • In this mobile era, where the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users, businesses are in a position to well-optimize their mobile apps to enhance the user experience. Thus, by leveraging mobile deep links on Pinterest ads, brands will be able to provide more flexibility and a seamless experience to users, which will drive user engagement on brands’ app. This can also contribute to strengthening brands' relationships with customers and fostering long-term brand loyalty.
  • Mobile deep links can also provide enhanced tracking and analytics capabilities for brands. As the ad links users directly to specific product pages within the brand’s mobile app, the marketing team will be able to do better attribution tracking for app downloads, in-app purchases, etc., gain deeper insights into user preferences, and identify areas for improvement. This, in turn, will help them refine their targeting strategies, optimize their ad campaigns, and boost ROI.
  • This new capability will allow brands to curate more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns on Pinterest. For instance, if a particular user has shown interest in Christmas gifts, brands will be able to leverage deep links to show ads showcasing similar or related products on Pinterest. Correspondingly, it will enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the advertisements, help brands capture the attention of potential customers easily, and boost conversions.

Overall, the addition of mobile deep links for shopping ads on Pinterest is all the way towards maximizing the possibilities for brands to drive sales. Now it is only the brands’ choice to leverage this new option to make the most of their investment on Pinterest.


Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine is a social media maven with a talent for building engaged communities. She's a natural storyteller and has a way of making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and exploring new cuisines.


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