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Americana’s phygital vault for the public: a gateway to limitless possibilities for brands? 

With NFTs acting as a bridge between brands and their communities, even though it is relatively new, more brands have started to utilise them at scale to explore their potential. 

7-Eleven harnessing the collectibles trend: a way to bond beyond transactions?

From Disney and Warner Music to Nike and Starbucks, many of the world's biggest brands have already jumped on the Web3 bandwagon. Particularly as NFTs represent a very strong potential for improving brand-customer relationships, the adoption of NFTs and their use cases is just multiplying by the day.

The Fabricant and Highsnobiety Collaborate on Web3 with Limited Edition Wearables

Highsnobiety, the street-wear brand and The Fabricant, which is an NFT luxury fashion brand, are launching a Web3

Spotify testing NFT-Based Initiative: Will it unlock new revenue-generating opportunities for brands?

Spotify, an audio streaming platform, is testing a new feature called "token-enabled playlists." It enables holders of non-fungible tokens to connect their wallets and listen to curated music.

Starbucks Brewing Web3 Loyalty Program and its Impact on the Future of NFTs

When it comes to digital innovation, Starbucks has remained a pioneer. Its latest Web3 Loyalty Program, named Starbucks Odyssey is one such novel attempt in integrating NFTs and blockchain technology into its existing rewards facility. With this move, Starbucks has officially set off on its Web3 Journey.


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