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Vision Pro from Apple – VR for the rescue?

It is finally here! Apple has unveiled a device that everyone has been waiting for, for almost a decade. The extended reality headset

Apple May Soon Launch its new Mixed Reality Headset - All You Need to Know

Apple is soon going to launch its much anticipated mixed-reality headset in an attempt to create a 3D version of the iPhone’s operating system. Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset could be announced in spring at the earliest, top Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter.

What does an Apple DSP Mean for the Future of Advertising?

Apple has advertised, for a senior manager to work in its ad platforms business. The ideal candidate is to “steer the design of a privacy-forward, sophisticated Demand-Side Platform.” This is the first indication that Apple is building a demand-side advertising platform (DSP)..


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