Apple May Soon Launch its new Mixed Reality Headset - All You Need to Know

Published: January 24, 2023

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Apple is soon going to launch its much anticipated mixed-reality headset in an attempt to create a 3D version of the iPhone’s operating system. Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset could be announced in spring at the earliest, top Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter.

Equipped with powerful hand and eye tracking systems that set it apart from its rivals, the new headset is likely to be released under the name, 'RealityPro'.

It’s a high-stakes gambit for Apple, which is expanding into its first major new product category since releasing a smartwatch in 2015, and the company needs to wow its consumers.

Here’s how it is expected to work:

  • The headset will have several external cameras that can analyze a user’s hand and gesture movements. Users can then pinch their thumb and index finger together to activate the task—without the need to hold anything. The approach differs from other headsets, which typically rely on a hand controller.
  • It comprises two ultra high-resolution displays for both AR and VR modes and lets users switch between fully-immersive and augmented experiences.
  • Integration with FaceTime will realistically render a user’s face and body in VR to facilitate real-time communication using avatars and Apple’s Memojis during meeting sessions.
  • It will have a native operating system called xrOS with similar features as the iPhone and iPad but in a 3D environment.
  • Its battery pack may be offloaded to an external pack that rests in the user’s pockets and connects over a cable to prevent overheating while it’s on the user’s face.
  • Immersive video viewing will be a key feature, as Apple is working with Disney and Dolby Laboratories to create exclusive VR content, as well as pairing it with its own Apple TV+ platform.

The estimated cost of the headset could hover upwards of $2,000 to $3,000, which is expected to cost roughly twice the price of rival devices. Nonetheless, Apple expects to sell about 1 million units of its new headset in its first year and is planning to introduce budget-friendly options in the long-term.

Can Apple’s New Mixed Reality Headset Renew Interest in the Metaverse?

After several years of development, Apple’s first foray into the Metaverse—a high-end mixed-reality headset will be unveiled this spring. Though it comes with a steep price tag, it’s seen as Apple’s most decisive move towards the Metaverse with a powerful standalone headset (no computer or phone required).

Price may initially prove to be a hindrance for Apple. But its product quality, target market of developers, gamers, and content creators, as well as a previous history of market-leading expensive products such as tablets, leads us to believe that Apple’s first foray into the VR headset segment could indeed be a success.

Beyond suffering from hype and definition challenges, the advancement of Metaverse is also hampered by a lack of headset adoption. While Meta’s Quest 2 headset captured around 85% of the global MR headset market during the first three quarters of 2022, Apple’s new headset with power-packed features is likely to be a competitor.

Meta has struggled hard with its Metaverse endeavours and even registered huge losses due to this. A successful headset product from Apple could perhaps shake things up and propel mainstream adoption of headsets and the Metaverse.

Furthermore, Apple’s launch of headsets can also drive more players, such as Sony, Google, Samsung, etc., to come out of the woodwork with their own VR/AR gears. This could lead the headset hardware industry to the next stage of rapid growth and benefit the overall Metaverse ecosystem.

With Apple jumping in the ring, interest in the Metaverse can be salvaged, and the excitement is palpable! 2022 wasn’t meant to be the year that the Metaverse took off. We hope that with the dawn of innovative products and technology, 2023 will be the year of the Metaverse explosion. Thus, brands should be well-prepared to stay on top and start formulating their Metaverse strategy soon.


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