Snapchat's new brand campaign, illustrating the magic of AR

Published: January 27, 2023

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Social media app Snapchat has launched a new promotional campaign that capitalises on the uniqueness of its viral AR developments. The new ad campaign shows how its AR technology can alter reality in real time-and how much fun it can be.

According to Snap, more than 250 million people use augmented reality (AR) on Snapchat every day, with over 6 billion daily AR plays. The platform has 300,000 AR creators and developers who have created over 3 million AR lenses for it.

At Snap, we celebrate the joy, irreverence, and spontaneity of communicating with your real friends in fun, unexpected ways. Through augmented reality, we've pushed the boundaries of how people see and experience the world over the years. AR improves conversations and experiences, and it opens up new avenues for connecting with others, learning about the world, shopping, and more. Our new campaign shows you what it's like to see the world through the eyes of a Snapchatter.


Snapchat exemplifies the new magic of augmented reality in "Wait’ll you see this." "Wait'll you see this" is a 60-second commercial that aims to pique viewers' interest in Snapchat's lenses and how they can bring magic to mundane, everyday life through the use of augmented reality (AR).

According to the advertisement, Snapchat users can see themselves and their friends as horses and dogs. They can even try on virtual outfits from brands they love, demonstrating how technology benefits both consumers and marketers.

"Wait'll you see this" will air during the NFL-AFC Championship Game on January 29. The campaign's lenses will also be featured in a segment on the CBS pregame show.

The campaign was successfully led by Colleen DeCourcy, Snap’s chief creative officer.

The Rising Potential of AR in Marketing

Be it a big brand or a budding business, Snapchat allows anyone to explore the AR space and help them drive value in innovative ways. With 72% of active Snapchat users already interacting with AR elements in the app on a daily basis, we anticipate this new campaign will undoubtedly garner users’ attention.

AR ads are already helping brands build deeper connections with audiences. It plays a major role in

  • Capturing consumers’ attention
  • Establishing positive opinions about a brand
  • Increasing brand favorability

As AR provides customers with the ability to interact with a new product without ever leaving their home, the results it provides are indeed impactful for marketers. It benefits brands directly by increasing product purchase intent and brand preference among the audience.

Furthermore, brands can utilize AR in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Product demo and visualization tours - Experiment with various try-on filters to engage customers and encourage them to buy
  • Placing AR in the middle of the video - Introduce an element of surprise to build brand perception.
  • User-generated content to increase loyalty - Enable users to share unique content overlaid with AR filters and showcase the most creative content.
  • Immersive Games - Allow users to play with an AR mascot and create a curated feed of their experiences.

We believe marketers and brands must not miss the opportunity to take advantage of these new AR trends to better connect with target audiences and understand consumers' interests.

That said, it is not enough for brands to just be present. To differentiate themselves from the competition, brands must strive to create unique AR experiences that are both intriguing for audiences and profitable for brands.

With the proliferation of AR-enabled lens filters, and 3D virtual objects, in both the metaverse and in AR experiences, it makes sense for brands to at least begin to align their processes with this shift, where possible.


Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine is a social media maven with a talent for building engaged communities. She's a natural storyteller and has a way of making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and exploring new cuisines.


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