Staying Spiritually Loyal - Santo Spirits’ Web3 Loyalty Program

Published: June 13, 2023

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Santo Spirits is stepping into the world of Web3, in partnership with Trident3 and introducing a pioneering loyalty program. The tequila brand co-founded by the Grammy award-winning musician Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri, who is an internationally acclaimed chef, uses the NEAR Protocol, to offer a seamless and secure digital experience for loyal customers, and exclusive rewards for their continued support of Santo Spirits.

The Santo Spirits Club loyalty program uses Web3 technology and for customers to enjoy a digitally-native experience, where they earn various perks, special offers and rewards on multiple layers. Some of these rewards include a chance to win autographed collectibles like guitars and other unique rewards, and also have a chance to attend virtual tastings with either Sammy Hagar or Guy Fieri.

All those who sign up to be founding members of the Santo Spirits Club loyalty program will get a "mystery" NFT at Apart from this, the first one thousand to register will get a bonus "mystery" NFT. The mystery will be unveiled and what exactly one can do with the NFTs, will be made known at the launch of Santo Spirits' newest tequila, Añejo on June 15th. Fans can also earn various collectibles and rewards by actively engaging with the brand.

Sammy Hagar, known popularly as the Red Rocker and who is one of the founders of Santo Spirits has said the he was excited to reach a new audience through this venture. And that this was only the beginning and that he looks forward to many new pathways for direct engagement. The brand fulfills his passion to offer bold authentic flavors that are achieved through uncompromising quality.

Santo Spirits has an award-winning portfolio that includes a Blanco, Reposado, and a 110-proof Blanco Tequila, along with Mezquila – the world’s first tequila and mezcal blend. All the products are additive-free and carefully crafted using time-honored traditional methods that allow the agave to shine through.

The loyalty program uses the NEAR Protocol, a high-performance block chain that offers increased security and transparency to customers in their seamless and rewarding loyalty program that comes with rewards and incentives.

Loyalty and Web3

Web3 is still doing its magic – even when the world said that AI has put a nail in its coffin. Web3 puts more control in the hands of users, rather than in the hands of companies and brands. With this technology offering great increases in user-privacy, and more control over the digital communities they participate in, there is little doubt that Web3 is completely transforming the digital landscape in leaps and bounds.

Several brands are using Web3 to offer immersive experiences to its customers. I re-phrase: several brands are leveraging the power of Web3 to offer deeply immersive and strongly engaging experiences to their customers.

And it seems like the perfect place to run a loyalty program.

The founders of the brand are celebrities – one, a Grammy-winning rocker and the other, an internationally famous chef. And when some of the rewards are autographed guitars (!!) and the opportunity to actually meet them – in a virtual space – you bet there will be some serious engagement!

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your loyal customers. It is vital to attract new customers to your brand – and equally important to retaining the existing ones. And when you offer rewards for customers to keep coming back for more, the brand stands to profit.

In this instance, by taking things to a virtual dimension, Santo Spirits scores on many levels. Of course the Loyalty program will reward the customers that they already have an incentivize them to keep buying more. On the other hand, since the whole exercise is done virtually, it will attract the attention of youngsters who spend a lot of time in a virtual space and online. The rewards will appeal to fans of the celebrities as well as attract newer and younger customers, attracting them to the brand. And what a way to launch a new tequila!

And in the tequila market, as the competition heats up – this could well place Santo Spirits in a winning position – a great way to launch a new product, a great way to reward the loyal customers they already have, and a great way to attract new ones.


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