Adidas puts its best foot forward into Web3

Published: June 15, 2023

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Adidas Originals collaborates with one of the most innovative artists in the Web3 realm, FEWOCiOUS, to bring its fans a unique original collection of physical and digital products, and they are releasing a limited edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass to celebrate!

The limited-edition Trefoil Flower Mint Passes can be used by those who hold them to redeem a physical pair of the Adidas Originals Campus 00's sneaker designed by FEWOCiOUS. The kicks have the unique distinctive style of FEWOCiOUS in a black and white "linework" design, with thick, blue and white cloud pattern laces.

4,500 Trefoil Flower Mint Passes will be launched on June 22 and be available for purchase through OpenSea. This will be based on a predetermined size curve to be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who hold the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass can redeem the Adidas Originals Campus 00's sneaker later in the summer.

Once the Trefoil Flower Mint Pass is redeemed, the pass upgrades to becoming a digital version of the Adidas Originals Campus 00s sneaker. This is interoperable and can become a virtual wearable for Adidas’s upcoming avatar projects like FewoWorld Fewo's, and ALTS. .

The release of the presale of the limited edition kicks is also done in tiers – one offers early access and a discounted price. And then come the others.

These shoes are Adidas’s first token-gated sneaker using NFC technology and connected to a limited edition NFT.

FEWOCiOUS is Victor Langlois, a talented Web3 artist known for their unique style and storytelling. A transgender youth, they have been working on Adidas sneakers since the age of 16.

Working with adidas is a real dream come true. I can’t believe I was paintin’ adidas shoes in my bedroom by myself four years ago and now I get to officially collaborate with them! I really believe in the future of fashion and footwear and the intersection of digital and physical, and I’m so excited for these to see the world and for everyone to be part of that journey with me.


Lessons for Brands

  • Adidas has shown fashion and accessories brands that including Web3 in its marketing strategy is a smart move. For many reasons – Web3 lends itself to fashion – users can try out products, see if it works for them. Web3 is attractive to Gen Z that spends a lot of time online – playing games and creating avatars for themselves, winning tokens and collectibles that are as valuable to them as real treasure (or even more!). Web3 is new – emerging technology – it is still a huge novelty for people. So it is a great way to get the attention of audiences!
  • Adidas has shown brands that working with a great creator can take things to a whole different level. Here is FEWOCiOUS, who has spent years, creating art on his Adidas kicks. He is comfortable doing things on Web3. And here are limited edition kicks – that fans will want to own, come what may!
  • Adidas has shown the way to brands in partnering with a transgender creator. In today’s world where diversity, inclusion and equality are paramount among a generation that demands to see people without the tags of gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race or color, this is a great way to SHOW that they are inclusive.
  • Adidas has perfected the whole business of offering a limited edition product, in a phased manner, creating oodles of anticipation and expectation, to an art form! The anticipation is the key here – and Adidas is milking it.
  • Adidas has shown brands that it is good to explore unchartered territory – here, Web3 – and try some innovation in order to stay relevant and convey the impression of being progressive.

Adidas has truly put its best foot forward in this case. A winning move! 


Grace Wang

Grace is an advertising professional who keeps abreast of the latest and greatest in the marketing and advertising space. She is a traditionalist in lifestyle and modernist in her profession. Outside of marketing and advertising, she helps younger generation try and adapt traditional lifestyle for a healthy living.


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