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Yum Brands cooks up a seamless customer experience—way to go!

With the growing number of platforms in the digital realm, the customer touchpoints are just multiplying for businesses to focus on. This advancement, on the one hand, increases the customer’s expectations and, on the other hand, makes the marketing teams work more complex.

Will Lytics’ innovative tool supercharge your business growth from good to great?

While the business world is racing towards the digital transformation, providing connected customer experiences via digital channels is critical but challenging for brands to ensure a seamless customer journey.

Adapting to the new era: Will advanced CDP help marketers excel in a cookie-less world?

Big names in the industry, such as Apple and Mozilla, have already removed support for third-party cookies in their browsers, and

GM’s double-down on zero-party data—something for marketers to take a leaf out of

General Motors, with its zero-party data strategy, is attempting to make breakthroughs in the automotive industry.

With a lot at stake for Businesses, exponential growth expected in the Customer Data Platform Market

With businesses being deluged by customer data of all sorts (whether transactional, demographic or the whole range of behavioral – or impressions from ads, purchases, service history and product usage), the need to have a platform that ties it all together, is imperative.

Treasure Data’s Survey Results Demonstrate CDP’s Maturation from Powerful Tool to Critical Solution

Treasure Data, an enterprise customer data platform (CDP) provider, has recently released the findings of a survey of MarTech decision-makers. It emphasizes the current state of CDPs, including common trends, best practises, and potential future applications.

Appier Launches AIRIS, an AI powered CDP: An Intuitive Tool to Elevate Customer Experience

Appier, a conversational marketing platform, recently launched its next-generation AI-powered CDP (customer data platform) called AIRIS. Appier's real-time CDP helps brands and marketers make smarter decisions by leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

Acquia’s new Enhancements to its Customer Data Platform (CDP): A Unified Data Layer for Marketers

Acquia, a leading digital experience platform, recently introduced several enhancements to its customer data platform (CDP).A customer data platform (CDP) is a piece of marketing technology that includes a number of tools that help the digital-first marketing team manage and extract insights from customer data.


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