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AI capabilities are on the rise for businesses; will they unlock a new level of personalization?

Publishing content that resonates with the target audience and drives ROI is not at all an easy game for any business, be it an enterprise or a small business.

Salesforce’s Marketing GPT: will it elevate marketers’ game to the next level?

With generative AI's popularity unbelievably growing, the conversation around its capabilities has reached a crescendo

Will Salesforce's "AI Day" event pave the way for cutting-edge marketing innovations?

With the massive success of OpenAI's ChatGPT, the tech world's focus has shifted dramatically towards generative AI

Salesforce integrates Einstein GPT to Flow—an update marketers must pay attention to!

Salesforce announced the integration of its CRM generative AI assistant, Einstein GPT, and its CRM data platform, Data Cloud, with Flow, the company's automation toolbox.

Salesforce unveils Einstein GPT. How beneficial will it be for marketers?

Salesforce recently unveiled the much-awaited generative AI tool Einstein GPT. Einstein GPT provides AI-generated content across all sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions. Salesforce will use generative AI to transform every customer experience with Einstein GPT.

Salesforce sunsets Social Studio: How should marketers face this cha(lle)nge?

The Salesforce platform recently announced the sunset of its social media scheduling tool, Social Studio. Starting on November 18, 2024, customers will no longer be able to access the application.

Salesforce EinsteinGPT – is this the much-needed shot in the arm the company needs?

After months and years of creating a buzz about it, Salesforce has announced a teaser on Twitter that EinteinGPT will be introduced at the TrailblazerDX ’23 on the 7th of March 2023.

Salesforce Spring 23 Release Notes: A Quick Ride

Salesforce released its Spring ‘23 release notes recently. It's the time of year when Salesforce users eagerly await the release of the Salesforce Spring '23 release. Salesforce releases new features and updates to its technology three times per year in order to

Salesforce Low-Code DevOps Center for Marketing Automation and Agility

Salesforce recently announced the general availability of Salesforce DevOps Center, a much awaited product for Salesforce professionals around the world.

Sprinklr Partners with Salesforce, offering a Unified View of Customers

Augment Social Intelligence to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Salesforce-WhatsApp Expands Partnership. Get Set to Augment Customer Engagement and Interactions

Salesforce, the global CRM provider, and Whatsapp, the popular messaging service in the world, recently announced a new strategic partnership. It will enable Salesforce customers to connect with their customers and create new messaging experiences on WhatsApp.

Salesforce Customer 360 - One Customer One View

Salesforce, the global CRM leader, announced "Customer 360 innovations". This aims to connect marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT team data on a single customer focused platform. For a unified view of the customer.


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