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Beyond what one dreams or imagines – the future of retail

The retail landscape, like everything else, is changing. With emerging tech like Web3 and generative AI in the picture, the changes are hugely disruptive and life-changing. There is a new digital-only generation that is gradually growing in spending power. That is also a generation that closely watches a brand’s position (either inferred or stated overtly) on various social, political and most importantly environmental issues, before buying from them.

Web3 and Women’s Football - Credit Suisse scores!

Credit Suisse, the Swiss investment banking giant is launching non-fungible tokens or NFTs, together with the Swiss Football Association (SFA). They are partnering together to give women’s football a step up or a boost. The NFT collection set to launch on July 11th.

Multi-sensory Marketing and Mastercard

Typical marketing strategy includes the use of two senses – sight and sound.
Mastercard took it to a whole different level by including the other senses as well.

Of Smart Spoons, Taste and the Metaverse

Scientists in Meiji University in Tokyo have invented a smart spoon that when powered on, can send a weak electric current via electrodes embedded in the tip of the spoon to simulate a person’s taste receptors present on his tongue.

Roblox is buzzing as Fenty comes to town

Fenty Beauty is stepping into a Web3 space! Fenty Beauty is already known for the way it takes to new digital platforms for marketing. Now the popular beauty brand has launched its first campaign on gaming platform Roblox.

Taking an Iconic set of Kicks to a Web3 World

Nike has launched “Airphoria” in Fortnite - a unique, first-of-its-kind gaming experience on Web3. Partnering with Epic Games on a multiyear deal, Airphoria is an effort to combine Nike’s iconic Air Max with the possibilities of the immersive Web3 world on Fortnite. 

Puma goes deeper into Web3

Puma is celebrating its 75th-anniversary by expanding its web3 presence, and creates an always-on retail shopping experience for its customers.


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