Puma goes deeper into Web3

Published: June 15, 2023

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Puma is celebrating its 75th-anniversary by expanding its web3 presence, and creates an always-on retail shopping experience for its customers. Puma is expanding its metaverse web destination Black Station and leaping into the future with Black Station 2 – offering an immersive digital retail experience on a metaverse platform that connects the digital and the physical worlds. It is the perfect place for users to explore and to buy phygital footwear.

Black Station 2 builds on the success of its initial Black Station that was released during the New York Fashion Week. Now Black Station 2 takes the whole creative experience a completely new arena. This new Black Station 2 has two worlds: Unkai (inspired by Shibuya) and Unter (inspired by Berlin’s club culture). And they both showcase and display new, innovative footwear designs.

The first world in Black Station 2 is Unkai. Unkai is inspired by the most vibrant city in Japan, Shibuya. In keeping with this city that inspired this world, the footwear comes in vibrant colors and lively elements. The other world, Unter is a nod to Berlin’s underground club culture. The footwear in this world reflects the edgy dynamism that characterizes the Berlin underground club scene.

Among all the new kicks that are being released, is the much-anticipated Fast-RB which uses INITRO foam technology and PWRPLATE for stability. Fans with PUMA Pass NFTs will be able to buy exclusive Materializer and Digital Collectible NFTs. Safe and smooth transactions are facilitated by MoonPay.

Fast-RB is something fans have been waiting for. Engineered with PUMA’s running technologies, it has four positioned NITRO pods and three PWRPLATES, to give runners an amazing unique almost-bouncy running experience! INITRO is a new Nitrogen-infused foam technology that Puma has put in these kicks – which promises exceptional responsiveness and is incredibly light. The PWRPLATE stabilizes NITRO midsoles while boosting energy transfer.

Black Station 2 gives PUMA Pass NFT holders a chance to buy Materializer NFTs, which represent physical products that will be produced in the future and Digital Collectible NFTs. Only 4,000 NFTs of each will be made available for purchasing by fans and collectors, through the week.

And, in a bid to include wider audiences, one can buy all the stuff on Black Station 2 with a credit card as well as crypto!

Puma shows the way

It is a significant sign to see large brands embrace Web3 – it is an indicator to the ‘nay-sayers’ that Web3 is truly well and thriving!

These worlds on Web3 are a great third option for their audiences to shop at and engage with the brand. There is online and there is brick and mortar. And now there is a far more immersive world online that customers can explore. A great way to keep their audiences engaged!

Puma already stepped into this dimension with Black Station. And now, it goes deeper into it, with Black Station 2. Puma knows that it can offer immersive experiences to its fans and customers. And it offers them two different worlds to choose from – the colorful Japanese city or the underground club life of Berlin.

And as users travel into these worlds to explore the offerings of Puma, the brand finds valuable information about them in return – what setting works? What kind of kicks do they prefer? Is there a connection between a certain kind of kicks and a demographic?

Also, this is a great way to launch a new product – in this case, a new much-awaited pair of kicks! Way to keep the anticipation levels high!

All in all a great way to engage audiences. And Fashion brands – apparels and accessories – must find ways to include this foray into Web3 as a part of their strategy. It is a great way to appear relevant and progressive and futuristic. It is a wonderful way to engage audiences – especially Gen Z and Millennials and keep them in your space for long durations of time. The longer they engage, the more likely that they will convert – or have a higher cart value. Or divulge some valuable information about themselves that is so important for brands.

Web3, is thriving! The key is for brands to use this space creatively.


Grace Wang

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