Roblox is buzzing as Fenty comes to town

Published: June 30, 2023

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Fenty Beauty is stepping into a Web3 space! Fenty Beauty is already known for the way it takes to new digital platforms for marketing. Now the popular beauty brand has launched its first campaign on gaming platform Roblox. The virtual scenery in this Web3 space will have orange groves and mountains of whipped shea butter.

Partnering with Roblox, Fenty Beauty is launching a four-week Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin experience. The virtual experience will showcase three key products from Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin and Fenty Fragrance. They include the Fenty Skin Melt Awf Jelly Oil Makeup-Melting Cleanser, Fenty Eau de Parfum and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer.

This experience on Roblox focuses on product creation, where it allows users to make their own Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. Apart from this there will be highly interactive scavenger hunts and mazes to navigate through.

For a short period, until the end of July, customers can pop in at the Fenty Beauty Lab on Roblox and create their own lip luminizer by customizing ingredients, effects, bottle design, lid, applicator, etc. and even give their final product, a name of their choice.

Users can send their customized lip luminizer to the “Sephora Experience,” a virtual retail display within the world. Visitors to this space can see all the user-generated lip gloss creations and vote for their favorite – with a 100 of them making a finalist list at the end of each week.

At the end of the four weeks, there will be 400 entries and Rihanna will choose one winner whose creation will serve as inspiration for the next Gloss Bomb. The winning shade will be available for purchase in 2024 on and

Apart from this, players can collect ingredients and create their own virtual cleanser and navigate a virtual maze to find the brand’s eau de parfum. Those who create a cleanser can win a virtual Fenty Skin Beanie, while those who create the lip gloss can win a Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Backpack.

Users can also go on scavenger hunts and navigate mazes inside this virtual gaming environment, and learn more about the brand’s most popular products, which include its very famous cleansers, fragrances, and much-sought after lip glosses. The brand will release new Fenty avatar accessories every week.

It is a glimpse into our world and a new realm of amusement with our makeup, skincare and fragrance.


Fenty and Web3

Web3 offers brands a great opportunity to offer deep, engaging and immersive experiences to their customers. The only thing that can limit their offering is their creativity. Seeing that the medium lends itself to so much engagement, it is up to brands to tap into its power and use it effectively.

Many fashion and beauty brands have already stepped into the Web3 dimension – and Fenty Beauty, a brand known for offering its customers new and interesting ways to engage with it, is now entering Roblox.

Web3 and the virtual worlds it makes possible, empowers brands to offer fun, playful, novel and immersive experiences to their customers. The maze gives players a fun experience and getting to the other end of it, wins them virtual prizes. The element of competition is also there in the creation of the various luminizer gloss shades – thrown open to players.

This virtual space on Roblox is a great place for brands to make money on virtual products – several brands are already selling collectibles and wearables very successfully.

Fenty Beauty is very popular among the younger demographic, as is its Founder and Head, Rihanna. Fenty Beauty’s lip gloss is particularly very popular with them. To give such a demographic the opportunity to create their own custom shades/ products, will be an instant success.

The younger demographic is already fully immersed in virtual games and worlds that help them create avatars of themselves and clear levels to win virtual prizes. So to get their attention, in a crowded marketplace, this might be the thing that makes all the difference. They would be perfectly at home in this environment and run through mazes and win virtual backpacks and beanies with great excitement.

And to create a lip luminizer that might just be the one Rihanna picks to launch next year? That is the dream!


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