Anything Flows – Slurpee re-branding goes one step further!

Published: June 30, 2023

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The rapper Flo Milli and 7-Eleven have released a Slurpee-inspired song called “Anything Flows.” The song also features Kari Faux, 2Rare and Maiya the Don. 7-Eleven is also asking its fans on TikTok and Instagram to put their own unique twist and spin on this song – the best entries will have a chance to be included in a future re-mix of “Anything Flows”!

All this is a part of 7-Eleven doing a re-design on its Slurpee. The “Anything Flows’ campaign is full of bright, bold colors and a whole new vibe, just like the Slurpee itself! The campaign has been orchestrated by Dentsu, and is designed to appeal to a new generation of Slurpee drinkers and to introduce the Slurpee to Speedway convenience stores, which 7-Eleven acquired in 2021. 7-Eleven operates or franchises more than 13,000 U.S. convenience stores.

The Slurpee’s new look that is full of ‘eccentric colors and eclectic vibes’ was inspired by “the Brainfreeze Collective,” an online discussion group of 250,000 7-Eleven enthusiasts who share ideas and opinions about experiences at 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores.

The “Anything Flows” song is available on YouTube and Spotify. 7-Eleven has also tied up with the street-wear designer King Ice, to come up with some Slurpee-themed jewelry. The necklaces, rings and bracelets can be won by customers through 7-Eleven’s 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards programs. They are available when customers buy select products at select 7-Eleven, Speedway and Stripes stores. The King Ice merchandise can also be bought from the brand’s 7Collection online shop.

Apart from this, there is collaboration with the multimedia company Lyrical Lemonade (which partners with rising music stars) to bring exclusive music experiences to its customers. Customers could star as an extra in a music video in the future, for example.

All this is a part of the retail chain doubling down on a refresh re-branding of its core chilled beverage.

The re-branding strategy

7-Eleven is doing a great job giving its Slurpee a major overhaul. From using new and refreshing colors to creating a fresh, new logo and cup design, 7-Eleven is doing it all. The whole new look and feel of the brand is refreshingly colorful, young and bright.

And now in a bid to make the brand more youthful, 7-Eleven enlists the help of the rapper Flo Milli. And if that wasn’t enough, the rapper’s powerful pipes are reinforced with the talents of Kari Faux, 2Rare and Maiya the Don. The song “Anything Flows” – also in keeping with the campaign and the brand itself is young, colorful and bright!

These are names that resonate with the younger demographic and Gen Z – and 7-Eleven’s strategy of getting them in on the “Anything Flows” song, is a great way of getting their attention (which is the aim of this whole re-branding exercise, anyway!).

7-Eleven has made the brand look, feel and sound young. Now they are taking things a step further. Asking their customers to listen to the song and then put their unique spin on it and upload it on social media, is a great way to engage younger audiences. Gen Z is all about creativity. And individuality. And appreciating the differences among humans that truly make them unique.

So this is a very smart strategic move on the part of 7-Eleven to attract the younger demographic to the brand. 7-Eleven is asking customers to send in their lyrics to the track’s open verse on TikTok. Or they can remix its Instagram Reel and use the tag #FlowLikeSlurpee by July 12. The winning effort will be featured in this song’s re-mix which will be released later this summer.

Other brands have done this – and very successfully. 7-Eleven going this route is a great move for the brand. Brand-inspired tunes for social media have become a commonly used, very effective marketing tactic.

The street-wear inspired jewelry will work wonders to the brand’s loyalty programs as well.

All in all, the brand seems to be operating on very sound strategy – and it is only a question of time, before all these efforts start to kick in and bear results.


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