AI- Powered Celebrities – Artificial Intelligence goes full glam!

Published: June 28, 2023

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Jennifer Lopez is Virgin Voyages’ chief lifestyle, entertainment and celebrations officer. Since she does not have the time to call all Virgin’s customers and co-ordinate trips, ‘Jen AI’ does it instead.

With the world being caught up with generative artificial intelligence and what it means for brands, Virgin Voyages is jumping on board as well by using celebrity-backed AI to woo customers. The new “Jen AI” campaign enables sailors – that is the term VMLY&R calls travelers to create customized invitations for them to send their friends and family, using generative AI.

A spot was done with the real Jennifer Lopez and it features some Virgin Voyages employees switching in and out of an AI capture chair, and talking about how they think J-Lo would woo people into taking a Virgin Voyages cruise. So the spot is a series of J-Los proclaiming the various perks of the cruise ship – a manager says the cruise offers “Michelin star chef-curated menus”; one says “There’s no kids here, that’s all you need to know”; and one enthusiastic New York-accented person says “It’s not just a yacht, it’s a super yacht!”

The agency shot the spot by bringing Jennifer Lopez on board a Virgin Voyages cruise ship and spent the day capturing images and video, and had her read a “nonsensical” nine-page script to ‘train’ the voice. This ad will run on broadcast TV, digital and in cinemas as well as organic sharing on peer-to-peer message platforms.

The whole campaign runs on the premise that while everyone wants to travel, planning a trip with a group of loved ones can take a lot of co-ordination. That’s where Jen AI steps in.

There’s a lot of paranoid conversation around generative AI, but we wanted to have a bit of fun with it and keep it pretty nice.

Ryan McManus,

chief creative officer, North America for VMLY&R.

Travelers can create their own invitations by going to and answering some questions – what they would like to celebrate, where they want to go and with whom. They will then get a personalized invitation from Jen AI that they can share with their potential invitees.

To moderate the AI and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand, Jen AI has a built-in set of rules to ensure she doesn’t say stuff that she can’t really say. There is also a set of moderators to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks via creative spelling or innuendo.

A new twist

AI and ChatGPT have been grabbing the attention of people across the world with the various things that it has managed to transform. AI has left practically no realm untouched. And its influence only increases with each passing day!

Brands have been trying to harness the power of the various emerging tech in different ways to promote their brands in new and novel ways.

Brands have also used the powerful influence that various celebrities bring to the table. With their charisma and oomph, celebrities do a lot for brands, attracting various audiences to them and to the brand they promote. Along with the star appeal, they also bring with them, the millions of followers who are loyal to them.

Virgin Voyages, a Richard Branson company, has managed to combine the lure of a celebrity with the draw of generative AI – in a way that clearly hasn’t been done before.

Not only does an AI Jennifer Lopez appear to enthrall audiences, the AI Jennifer Lopez will do your highly customized personalized invitation with all your specifications to the T! (Based on the information given by each ‘sailor’). wouldn’t want that! J-Lo inviting you on a cruise with your loved ones? What’s not to love!

After the restrictive conditions that the pandemic brought on the entire planet, now that things are opening up and people are giving in to their yen to travel, this novel AI gimmick (what else can one call it) takes the away the hassle of trying to co-ordinate and plan a trip with a group. In a very clever and fun way!

And that is quite the offer that one cannot refuse!


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