Kroger’s Precision Marketing to launch a self-service Ad Platform soon!

Published: June 28, 2023

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Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) will soon launch an enhanced self-service ad platform – which it says will make it easier for advertisers to activate, measure and optimize campaigns.

Even as things in the retail media space continues to heat up, KPM is working on its own self-service platform which will help them to compete better and help them improve their retail media business. This self-service platform will give advertisers access to Kroger’s existing product listing ads and display advertising. Kroger is an early player in the retail media space. It offers access to its first-party data via its data science unit.

The new platform will encompass Kroger’s product listing ads and onsite display advertising at first but eventually grow to include KPM’s entire retail media service portfolio, including offsite digital and connected TV buys that are powered by retail data. Those that use third-party management tools from Pacvue, Skai and ComerceIQ will still be able to manage inventory using them – additional integrations are said to be in the offing.

Amazon and Walmart Connect also have self-service platforms but they deal with a much larger base - large third-party seller networks from around the world. On the other hand, Kroger’s platform will mainly be used by agencies or by brand suppliers who sell their own brands. The platform could expand to include third party business also in the future.

The third-party marketplace plan is part of a wider strategic review and assessment, but there’s no doubt that the vast majority of engagement with the platform is from traditional suppliers within our ecosystem.

Cara Pratt, senior VP of KPM

The new ad platform and brands

Self-service platforms allow and enable the quick and simple buying of ad spaces without the need to go through an agency. Some of the capabilities and therefore, benefits of the initial phase of the Kroger self-service ad platform will include –

  • targeting based on search insights or other custom groups – this narrows down the targeting to connect with or engage people who are the most likely to buy or convert. This precision targeting will have a huge impact on brands
  • designing creative messages – getting the most effective creative messages is sometimes or most often a challenge with brands. And when one works with a platform such as this, based on the first party data that the retailer already has, it is possible to craft the best messaging for the right audiences. Every single time.
  • managing iterations of messages – what if the messaging must be tweaked to suit the audience better? And what if that task was taken off your list of things to do, and handled by a system that can handle iterations and versions accurately?
  • handling multiple custom creative templates – this enables brands to use templates that best suit their requirements when it comes to products and target audiences. Choosing the right template and crafting the best possible messaging can make all the difference between running a successful campaign that converts and one that just doesn’t.
  • optimizing by budget, message and flights – the platform is able to offer the best possible options to brands based on budgetary constraints, messaging and schedules.
  • building reports with retail data like household penetration, sales lift and unit lift – reports are essential to brands to know exactly how things are and how the campaigns perform. And with a sturdy robust platform that delivers reports, is great for all brands to use.

The bottom-line is that self-service platforms give brands the opportunity to analyze results in real time. It also empowers brands to pivot quickly when a campaign isn’t performing well. Normally, an ad placement is done and then the results are analyzed at the end of the campaign. You can’t edit any targeting parameters or make changes to creative or messaging.

Now there are dashboards that provide real-time key metrics, audience performance and conversion data. So brands can now pause and edit and then take things further at any time, without missing a beat!


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