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Americana’s phygital vault for the public: a gateway to limitless possibilities for brands? 

With NFTs acting as a bridge between brands and their communities, even though it is relatively new, more brands have started to utilise them at scale to explore their potential. 

Phygital toolkit from Faith Tribe: an innovative move to unite the best of both worlds!

The platform seeks to support fashion designers, artists, and small businesses by offering an innovative toolkit that brings together digital and physical solutions. This extensive toolkit will allow fashion designers to develop, produce, market, and share their creations seamlessly.

The rise of phygital experiences: a new normal for businesses to thrive?

With Digital adoption growing significantly in recent years, the demand for meaningful customer experiences has also invariably increased

Beyond what one dreams or imagines – the future of retail

The retail landscape, like everything else, is changing. With emerging tech like Web3 and generative AI in the picture, the changes are hugely disruptive and life-changing. There is a new digital-only generation that is gradually growing in spending power. That is also a generation that closely watches a brand’s position (either inferred or stated overtly) on various social, political and most importantly environmental issues, before buying from them.


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