Web3 and Women’s Football - Credit Suisse scores!

Published: July 06, 2023

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Credit Suisse, the Swiss investment banking giant is launching non-fungible tokens or NFTs, together with the Swiss Football Association (SFA). They are partnering together to give women’s football a step up or a boost. The NFT collection set to launch on July 11th.

Credit Suisse is featuring digital portraits of talented women football players from the Swiss Football Association on 756 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are tied up with various exclusive rewards that include signed jerseys, opportunities to interact with players and physical artwork.

The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will go towards the support of women’s football, towards encouraging and fostering a healthy culture of ‘respectful’ competition and towards promoting female voices.

The NFT collection will be available on Credit Suisse’s digital platform, CSX. The prices will range from $167 to $11,000. Every tier has a tie up with unique rewards and perks – which is where the physical artwork, player interactions, and autographed jerseys come into play.

The NFTs will be for sale across three packages which range from 150 to 10,000 Swiss francs. Each package comes with corresponding benefits and rewards such as a physical artwork counterpart.

This initiative is aimed at helping women’s football grow and thrive. Apart from helping to develop the women’s football team, the proceeds from the sale will also go towards supporting other organizations that work to foster and nurture female talent.


We are looking forward to using NFTs as a funding mechanism to help fuel the growth of women’s football across Switzerland. These funds will on the one hand provide direct support to the women's national team and on the other hand will be used for girls' football projects and are thus earmarked for the promotion of young talent.

Sandra Caviezel,

head of partnerships and sponsorship at Credit Suisse

Football teams like Arsenal FC, Brazil FC, and Manchester FC already use NFTs to increase engagement with fans and for ticketing. Recently, the Spanish football team FC Barcelona partnered with the popular NFT collection World of Women and released digital artwork paying tribute to the star player Alexia Putellas.

The Magic of Web3

There was a time not so long ago, when anything to do with the Metaverse and everything that came with it, was looked upon with suspicion. Big brands ditched the metaverse and just about everyone gravitated towards generative AI.

Now while most people avoid using the term ‘metaverse’, Web3 is doing well and is thriving, in fact. And Credit Suisse, a big name in the global investment banking circles, is the latest to step into this new dimension.

The world of Web3 gives marketers a new and innovative way to engage their customers. And when a brand does something connected with a Web3 experience be it drops or NFTs or building a virtual world, it immediately positions the brand as innovative and forward-thinking. It places the brand in front of global audiences instantly and gives marketers the flexibility to do a lot with this emerging tech-powered space.

It is a huge canvas that is placed in front of marketers to work with, limited only by the boundaries set by your own creativity. It is a great way to connect with the younger demographic of customers who are all digital natives – and who spend most of their lives donning some avatar and playing games in some virtual space. The space is new. The experience is novel. And it is a great place for brands to be.

Selling NFTs is a smart thing for brands to do. The idea of owning something that is limited edition is something that appeals to the younger consumer. Featuring digital representations of women footballers will appeal to the sports-loving customers who would give anything to get their hands on those virtual collectables. And catering to the ones who would like to get their hands literally onto something, there are the physical pieces of art and signed jerseys and opportunities to meet the star footballers.

Credit Suisse is a smart brand. In one stroke, they have ticked all the right boxes. Sports, women in sports, women empowerment, inclusion and a commitment to a cause that is dear to the hearts of anyone who cares about what is going on in this world. And let’s not forget the NFTs!


Grace Wang

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