Sprinklr Partners with Salesforce, offering a Unified View of Customers

Published: November 11, 2022

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Customer experience management (CXM) is the process of managing each customer's experience across all touchpoints. Better CXM assists businesses in improving their brand image, retaining more customers, and even converting them into brand advocates.

Sprinklr has been available in Salesforce AppExchange connector since 2017. With this new announcement, Sprinkler becomes an official technology partner of Salesforce. The partnership between Salesforce and Sprinkler enables enterprises to pull in the entire customer experience data from different external channels (chat apps, social media, review sites, and more) together with CRM data in one place.

Sprinklr has been helping enterprises gain visibility into customer support issues and contact information through our integration with Salesforce for over five years. The integration has now evolved into a partnership,

Doug Balut

Senior Vice President of Global Alliances, Sprinklr

Sprinklr adds that the integrations support the world's largest enterprises in adopting a unified approach to CXM and CRM to provide enhanced customer experiences and significant improvements for the business.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Sprinklr to assist businesses in creating a truly unified view of their customers.

Amy Gorman

Vice President of Independent Software Vendor Sales, Salesforce

How does the CXM-CRM Integration Empower Marketers?

Augment Social Intelligence to Create Unique Customer Experiences

Sprinklr uses AI to interpret data and provide insights to companies so that they can enhance customer experiences. With an AI-powered platform, marketers can obtain nuanced, granular information about their target audiences. In addition, this new partnership, will enable users to augment social intelligence with in-house CRM data to create unique customer experiences.

Unified 360-degree Customer View

Marketers will easily be able to connect customer data in one platform. Thus, brands can best communicate with customers by serving them tailored messages at the right time, optimizing their campaign strategies accordingly, and thereby streamline the buyer’s path to purchase. In this way, the unified 360-degree customer view bridges the gap between customers and brands and helps brands extract the most value from their investments.

Connect Unstructured and Structured Social Signals with Enterprise Customer Data

In the absence of third-party cookie tracking, a unified approach is necessary to build composite customer profiles. By combining insights from a CXM and CRM, brands can connect data to identify and match mutual accounts. This will enable them to craft personalized campaigns that resonate with their audiences, whilst upholding privacy.

With this partnership, Sprinklr is also positioned to support enterprise customers looking to transition from Salesforce Social Studio, which is approaching end of life. Salesforce customers can manage social media through the Sprinklr Unified-CXM platform as part of an integrated CXM and CRM strategy.


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