Coachella on YouTube: A big game is on for brands and marketers!

Published: April 04, 2023

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YouTube has recently revealed that it will livestream all six stages of Coachella, one of the most popular music festivals in the world, for the first time.

The company had previously only livestreamed three stages. Beginning on April 14 at 7 p.m. ET, the music festival continues through April 21 at the same time.

All YouTube users worldwide will be able to watch the first weekend of the mega-festival in its entirety, which will feature performances by Gorillaz, Blackpink, Deadmau5, and other artists.

YouTube will also be running exclusive merch drops during live streams and events.Direct purchases can be made during the livestream as well as through YouTube Shorts on Coachella's channel via YouTube Shopping. Additionally, Premium members will have access to "pre-parties" held behind the scenes.

This year we will be live streaming Coachella from more stages than ever before, with six feeds in action (double the amount from last year) across both weekends.


If viewers are unable to watch live, they can watch it later as replays will be available following the final performance of the evening until the live show resumes the next day.

This is the eleventh consecutive year fans have the capability to watch the music festival on YouTube.

It is also noted that YouTube has already made an announcement that its exclusive livestream partnership deal with Coachella has been extended through 2026.

How can marketers make the most of the Coachella event on YouTube?

Live streaming has been gaining traction in recent years, particularly as more people prefer watching content on mobile phones.

In that context, YouTube’s strategy with the Coachella event is quite transparent.

Already, the competition is fierce among social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. Hence, to stand out from the competition and pull in more audiences to their sides, all platforms are adding and experimenting with new features that are intriguing for users and beneficial for brands and marketers.

At this point, YouTube’s exclusive live streaming of Coachella with enhanced capabilities for users is indeed a point of attention.

Through this, YouTube brings its name to the spotlight and pushes the audience to buy its premium membership as it broadcasts exclusive backstage pre-parties only for premium subscribers.

As a result, YouTube may draw a sizable audience and generate a significant amount of engagement on its platform.

The following are the considerations that, in our opinion, brands must make in order to stand out during Coachella live streaming on YouTube:

Keep an eye on trends and create content:

Be it organic or paid content, brands must follow trends and strive to create their content related to live streaming events to make it relevant to trends. This can gain audience attention and increase a brand’s visibility.

During the pre-event time, brands can create content in a way of building excitement around the event. Whereas, at post-event time, brands can choose the highlights of the events in order to maintain engagement and reach wider audiences.

On top of all, it is important for brands to be creative and strategic in their approach to accomplishing their marketing objectives.

Teaming up with influencers:

Without a doubt, this will be a great time for brands to partner with influencers to promote their products or services.

But it will be even more effective if brands can partner with YouTube influencers who are attending the event in order to create intuitive content for audiences.

It, in turn, will give the brand access to a wider market, expanding its reach and visibility.

Live streaming your content:

During the Coachella event, brands can use YouTube live streaming to increase engagement with their audiences.

Though live streaming is prone to mistakes, brands can express their opinions on the event and establish their willingness to be real to build trust and show authenticity to their audiences.

As brands talk about the global event, audiences will be more likely to respond in real-time and leave their comments. It can help brands build an intimate connection with their audiences.

Overall, it is distinct that the "Coachella event" is all YouTube’s turn. How brands are going to utilize the platform to their advantage matters the most, and it will only make a difference in their marketing game.


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