Reddit advertising: a must-try option for marketers?

Published: April 17, 2023

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Reddit, the social platform, expands its advertising business by broadening its reach to media agencies through its Independent Agency Programme.

The current push of the company is to bring in more independent media agencies to its side. All of this is happening as Reddit works to make its ad solutions more sophisticated and on par with its social competition.

Recently, Reddit announced partnerships with Horizon Media, PMG, and Wpromote. Besides, Reddit has also announced the renewal of its year-old partnership with performance specialist Tinuiti. Tinuiti, according to Reddit, tripled its clients' ad spend on the platform in the last year.

Some of Tinuiti’s clients are Unilever Health & Wellbeing Collective, Yohana, e.l.f., and PacSun.

We're laser-focused on both growing and diversifying our advertising business. These independent agencies are cutting-edge: they're nimble, forward-thinking, innovative, and work with some of the world's coolest and best brands.

Evan Wolf,

Reddit's North American head of mid-market and SMB sales

Advertiser incentives, enhanced measurement tools, bespoke insights, and early access to new ad product tests are all provided to independent agency partners and their clients.

KarmaLab, Reddit's in-house creative agency, will also provide assistance through dedicated consultants with experience working with disruptor and challenger brands.

Needless to mention, many analysts in the industry forecast that the ad money being let out of Twitter may migrate into Reddit as both of these platforms are more alike.

It is also noted that Reddit updated its Ad Manager in March to support its expanding global advertising business. The features were designed specifically for self-service customers and international advertisers.

Why shouldn’t marketers overlook Reddit advertising?

Considering the turbulence being created by social media platforms like Twitter or TikTok, it is clear that social platforms are becoming less stable nowadays.

However, the kind of reach and impact that social platforms create for brands is impeccable. Which, makes brands run behind social platforms even after facing unlimited chaos.

While on the race to stay in front, brands sometimes forget to leverage some much-deserved options; Reddit is one such.

Particularly, while considering the latest moves taken by this unique social platform, we believe marketers must consider including it in their media mix.

Here are a few reasons why we think Reddit advertising can’t be ignored.

Niche-based targeting:

For every niche we could think of, Reddit has a community. Hence, by using the relevant keywords and understanding the demographics and interests of specific subreddits, brands can sharply target their target segments and improve conversion rates.

Also, for organic reach, by joining the subreddits where the brand’s target audiences already exist, brands can provide value, build trust, and thereby improve their reputation among their potential customers. This way, marketers will even possibly identify untapped audience segments.

Highly-engaged community:

Although the number of users is low on this platform when compared to other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the user engagement rate on this platform is relatively higher. Statistics show users spend an average of 16 minutes on the site before logging off.

As the audience spends more time on this platform, they are more likely to engage with the relevant ads. Thus, by targeting appropriately, marketers will have a great chance of using the "highly engaged nature" of this platform to their advantage.


In simple words, Reddit ads can fit any budget. As the competition on the platform is relatively less than on other platforms, the platform remains cost-effective for marketers.

The lesser competition also increases the chances of the ads being seen and receptive by the target segments. As a result, it can increase the opportunity for marketers to engage with their potential customers.

Simply put, it is time for marketers and brands to try Reddit advertising if it has yet to be explored and get their brand exactly in front of their target audiences at a relatively low cost. The sooner the better!


Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine is a social media maven with a talent for building engaged communities. She's a natural storyteller and has a way of making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and exploring new cuisines.


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