Advertisers – get ready for Google’s new search engine!

Published: April 17, 2023

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Google is reportedly developing an entirely new search engine in the face of increased competition from its rivals given the proliferation of AI technology. Under the project name Magi, the company is also in the process of adding new AI-based features to its current search engine.

According to The New York Times, the tech behemoth was taken aback when it learned that Samsung was considering replacing Google as the default search engine on its devices with Microsoft's Bing. It is known that the latter recently added AI technology to its search engine.

New Google search engine:

Google has tasked a team of designers, engineers, and executives with developing this new search engine. Yet it is still in its early stages, and there is no word on when it will be released.

The new search engine would "learn what users want to know based on their search terms." It would also "provide lists of pre-selected options for objects to purchase, information to research, and other information."

Project Magi:

A team of over 160 Googlers is working full-time on adding new features to Google Search. And the project is codenamed Magi.

The new changes would allow searchers to complete financial transactions while still incorporating the existing search ads, from which Google Search currently earns a large profit.

Besides, Google is also working on incorporating AI technology into many of its applications.

It is also noted that Google announced earlier this month that it would incorporate conversational AI into its search engine to compete with Microsoft's efforts in the space.

What does the new AI-powered Google search engine mean for advertisers?

Why is AI talk so fierce everywhere?

Why is Bing getting so much attention, particularly after AI incorporation, even though the search engine has been in use for many years?

Samsung’s consideration of replacing Google with Bing in its devices is indeed huge, irrespective of what happens at the end. Don’t you think so?


What can Google’s new search engine bring that its existing search engine cannot?

All businesses strive to provide a better user experience. With the incorporation of AI in search engines, Google or any company can achieve results far better than they can now.

Be it improving the efficiency or accuracy of the search results or providing personalised search results for users, AI will be hugely beneficial.

But, the infusion of AI into search engines invariably panics the advertisers’ and publishers’ worlds as it seemingly reduces the need for users to click the links to get answers. Although Google is reiterating its commitment to keeping advertisers in mind while exploring the new technology, it still doesn’t eliminate the confusion among advertisers completely.

At this point, we believe that focusing on the positives that AI incorporation can bring to the world of advertising also matters.

Improved ad targeting:

As AI technology can efficiently analyse and identify user behaviour patterns, it will be helpful for advertisers to determine the correct placement of ads and target the right audience with the right ads. This way, advertisers can make their ads relevant to users and thereby improve the efficiency of their ad campaigns.

Can get better insights:

AI assists advertisers in taking data-driven decisions. Through the granular insights provided by AI-powered search engines, advertisers can better understand what kind of ad content or images resonate well with their target segments. It, in turn, will help them optimize the ads accordingly. As a result, it can increase the likelihood of audiences interacting with the ad and hence maximize the ROI.

For SEO:

It is undeniable that the AI-incorporated search engine will have a drastic impact on the SEO landscape. However, if you can provide unique and high-quality content for your audiences, then this AI-incorporated search engine will not let you swim among other low-quality content providers but take you straight in front of your audiences and increase your visibility.

In a nutshell, the continued attempt to inject AI into search technologies guarantees the future of smart targeting. Meanwhile, it is interesting to know how Google’s new AI-powered search engine will impact advertisers and alter the environment of modern search.


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