YouTube Introduces Cost-Per-Hour Masthead for Super Bowl LVII. Levels up the Marketing Playing Field.

Published: February 09, 2023

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YouTube introduced the Cost-Per-Hour Masthead, allowing brands to purchase the platform's most prominent placement in a new ad format that will be on display during the Super Bowl.

Google did not specify how much it costs to rent the spot by the hour. According to Google's advertising information site, cost-per-hour ads are available through managed services, which work directly with Google's sales team. Advertisers can reserve their slots and "not rely on auctions," according to the ad support site.

The masthead, tested in the fourth quarter of 2022, aims to reach viewers during key activation moments such as live sporting events.

Brands in the United States are already preparing for the Super Bowl. However, advertising can become crowded during these times, necessitating a move beyond traditional methods and into more creative advertising experiences.

YouTube created the masthead rental option to help brands get their Super Bowl commercials in front of a larger audience. Consumer viewing behaviour has changed in the last couple of years. People want to watch what they want, when they want to watch it.

Kristin O’Hara

Vice president, agency, and brand solutions at Google

YouTube provided examples of McDonald's and Xiaomi, both of which tested the hourly masthead ads last year when the product was in beta. McDonald's used the ads to promote the World Cup in Brazil. The campaign generated tens of millions of impressions just as fans were preparing for the game.

What’s our take on the new YouTube Cost-per-Hour Masthead’s relevance for marketers?

Super Bowl: Crucial for Marketers

The arrival of YouTube CPH Masthead on the advertising scene is big news for mid-market and enterprise brands looking to reach a massive audience during the biggest marketing opportunity of the year: the Super Bowl. With over 112 million viewers worldwide tuning in, getting a coveted advertising spot during the game has been a dream for many brands, but one that was only attainable for the largest of companies with deep pockets.

But with the launch of YouTube CPH Masthead, this is no longer the case. Brands now have the opportunity to reach the same massive audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising, making the Super Bowl a viable marketing opportunity for a wider range of companies. This level playing field opens up new possibilities for brands to promote themselves and reach new customers in innovative and cost-effective ways.

Moreover, while many brands have been leveraging digital and social media during the Super Bowl in the past, the arrival of YouTube CPH Masthead offers a unique advantage. With the games now viewable on YouTube from television, the viewing experience for viewers is much closer to that of a traditional TV ad, bridging the gap between digital and traditional advertising and providing a new level of accessibility for mid-market and enterprise brands.

In conclusion, the launch of YouTube Masthead is a game changer for advertisers, offering new opportunities for brands to reach a massive audience during the Super Bowl and promote themselves to new customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional TV advertising.


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