Get ready for “March Madness” with Twitter’s insights to ramp up engagement

Published: March 10, 2023

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As the NCAA 'March Madness' Tournament is around the corner, Twitter has released some new insights to assist marketers. It helps them tap into the surrounding conversation and maximize their brand’s reach among March Madness fans.

This year's event is anticipated to have a substantial focus on Twitter, with video views on college basketball-related tweets increasing 41% year over year.

March Madness is an interactive experience on Twitter. Users live tweet as the action takes place, with roughly 80% of #MarchMadness Tweets taking place during gameplay in 2022. We recommend a mix of planned and live content for your campaign.


Here are the six conversational insights that Twitter unpacks for March Madness 2023 to score big.

  • Use the trending hashtags.
  • Don’t miss to address casual fans
  • Create compelling offers and stories around brackets.
  • Include the trend of sports betting.
  • Use trending keywords.
  • Timing is the key. Post at the right time.

Twitter has also offered the chart, which examines March Madness engagement and when the conversation peaks at various points during the event. It could be a useful guide for marketers to match their themed efforts with the most engaging spikes.

March Madness is a massive event, with millions of people tuning in and tweeting throughout the tournament's highs and lows.

This could present a number of valuable opportunities for brands and marketers.

Twitter’s insights into improving engagement could assist brands in ensuring that they don't miss out on meeting college basketball fans, as well as casual observers, at key moments.

What else can brands do to maximize their engagement on Twitter at the time of March Madness?

As the massive sports event "March Madness" is on, brands and marketers are already gearing up to capitalise on this massive opportunity to attract audiences towards their brands.

With videos being popular and extremely easy to consume for audiences, they are becoming extremely important in social media.

With Twitter’s recent data on the surge in video views on college basketball tweets, it even more emphasizes the importance of videos at the time of an event like March Madness to amp up the engagement.

However, be it videos or texts, keeping up with trends and making it relatable to audiences is crucial. In this regard, implementing all the insights provided by Twitter will be hugely impactful for brands. It will outright help brands in reaching new audiences and amplifying engagement easily.

In addition to these, we believe that implementing the following strategies will be extremely beneficial for driving engagement on Twitter:

Making memes or funny posts around the event:

Memes have become part of life for younger generations. Through memes, brands will be able to communicate the way their target audiences talk. As a result, people can relate to them easily. Instead of just copying and pasting memes, if a brand can keenly observe the sports event and come up with an interesting meme, it can possibly open its door to huge audiences. This way, brands can increase their engagement and promote their products to audiences.

Create interactive experiences and meaningful deals:

Conducting daily quizzes about the event can be both entertaining and interactive for audiences. At the end, brands can provide attractive deals and offers for the participants and winners. Needless to say, poor planning can quickly make it boring. Hence, offering meaningful deals is important. It is indeed true that competitor brands will also come up with similar deals for audiences. Thereby, making the offer unique and valuable to audiences is also equally important for audiences to distinguish themselves from others. This way, brands can potentially improve engagement and gain the audience's attention.

Consistent posting is the key:

The average amount of time people spend on Twitter during a sporting event like March Madness is considerably higher. Making the most of these periods of time is a brilliant option for marketers. However, the key is to remain relevant and consistent with the target audiences. The consistent voice of the brand can only make it memorable and recognisable among others. Furthermore, it reinforces the authenticity of the brand and improves engagement.

To be precise, Twitter is already the platform of preference for brands to make live comments on the nation's most widely watched events. Now, the new insights from Twitter will undoubtedly be of great use for marketers looking to make a mark in this March Madness 2023 season.


Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine is a social media maven with a talent for building engaged communities. She's a natural storyteller and has a way of making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and exploring new cuisines.


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