Quora Launches POE: What will be Quora POE’s Impact on Search?

Published: December 22, 2022

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With the growing popularity of text-generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT, Quora has launched its own AI chatbot called POE. Platform of Exploration (POE), as the name implies, allows users to ask questions, receive answers, and engage in ongoing dialogue.

Currently, POE is being launched in a beta version for iOS users on an invite-only basis for testing and implementing feedback. The platform is planned to be made generally available in 2023.

POE differs from ChatGPT in that it enables users to chat with models separately based on a wide range of conversation topics and use cases, like writing help, cooking, nature, etc. While Quora is launching with only a handful of models initially, it plans to provide a way for companies to submit their models for inclusion in the future.

We think this will be a fun way for people to interact with and explore different language models. Poe is designed to be the best way for someone to get an instant answer to any question they have, using natural conversation. There is an incredible amount of research and development going into advancing the capabilities of these models, but in order to bring all that value to people around the world, there is a need for good interfaces that are easy to use. We hope we can provide that interface so that as all of this development happens over the years ahead, everyone around the world can share as much as possible in the benefits.

Quora Spokesperson

ChatGPT is prone to generating biased or inaccurate content from time-to-time. However, Quora is aiming to combat this issue by relying on the model providers to moderate and filter the content themselves. This will keep the conversational bot from generating unsafe responses.

For now, Quora is working out scalability and addressing potential issues that may come up. It’s still not clear how Quora will monetize this platform, whether through paywalls, advertising, or premium features, if it grows.

What’s New with Quora POE ChatBot?

Quora has been a vibrant question-and-answer forum that helps users get instant answers to their queries. With the launch of this platform, it is expanding into the world of AI-powered conversational bots. This recent development could be influenced by the popularity of ChatGPT, which took the Internet by storm.

What sounds promising about this platform is its ability to create domain-specific chat assistants that can aid users in answering their exact queries. ChatGPT has not so far offered any API or integration mechanism with which third-party platforms can connect. But, Quora has gone a step further to allow interested AI model vendors to integrate into POE in the future.

With the inclusion of this feature, will Quora take on Google’s search market dominance? Will Google respond to the popularity of chatbots through its Lamda platform? It remains to be seen.

If Quora takes the necessary steps to address flaws and minimise inaccuracies in their platform, it could pose a threat to Google.

In the meanwhile, ChatGPT may also plan on including additional capabilities, integrations, or features to step up its response to Quora’s chatbot platform.

As more AI chatbot models hit the market, Google may see some of its traffic shift elsewhere.How much or how long? It’s too early to predict. But the world of text-generative AI platforms sure seems on the cusp of revolution.


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