Salesforce Spring 23 Release Notes: A Quick Ride

Published: December 22, 2022

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Salesforce released its Spring ‘23 release notes recently. It's the time of year when Salesforce users eagerly await the release of the Salesforce Spring '23 release. Salesforce releases new features and updates to its technology three times per year in order to provide consumers worldwide with the most recent and best capabilities that it has to offer. This time, the release notes arrived a little early.

The release date for Spring '23 will vary depending on the user’s Salesforce instance, but the main release weekends fall on January 13, 2023, February 3, 2023, and February 10, 2023.

Here are the key features of the Salesforce Spring ‘23 release:

Migrate to Flow for Process Builder: The updated Migrate to Flow tool will support converting Process Builder processes to Flows.

Dynamic Forms for Leads and Cases: Dynamic forms will be available for both leads and cases. Users are taken aback, as dynamic forms of cases were only expected around the time of the Summer' 23 release.

View All for Dynamic Related Lists: A "View all" link will be included for Dynamic Related Lists in the Spring '23 release. Hence, users can now see the full list of related records, unlike before.

Dynamic Actions for Standard Objects (Generally Available): Dynamic Actions, which were previously only available for desktop Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity objects, are now available for all standard objects.

Reports and Dashboards: Now, users can create personalised report filters, subscribe to around 15 reports and dashboards, create a custom report type, and add reports and dashboards to Collections. Furthermore, dashboard filters have been expanded.

Build Custom Forecast Pages: Custom Forecast Pages can now be built using Lightning App Builder.

Import Contacts and Leads with a Guided Experience: To import Contacts or Leads, Sales Cloud users will be provided with a guided wizard.

Collaborate on Complex Deals with Opportunity Product Splits: Users can now perform splits at the product level, which was previously only available at the opportunity level.

Track Field History for Activities: Users can track up to six fields for tasks and use field history tracking for activities.

Picklist Updates: Features available in beta like "Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values" and "Bulk Manage Picklist Values" will be generally available in the spring 23 release. "Limiting the Number of Inactive Picklist Values" is the new update from this release.

Key Highlights for Marketers in the Salesforce Spring '23 Release Notes:

Salesforce is a constantly evolving platform, and with every new release, it never fails to delight its users. Be it marketing, sales, service, or any of its users.


Marketing automation is critical for any business that wants to understand their prospects' interests and get a comprehensive picture of their potential customers' behaviours. Salesforce AI Einstein's newly added capabilities, beginning with its spring 23 release, will lay the groundwork for marketers to be even more effective. For instance, Einstein Conversation Insights now allows for reporting on insights gained during voice and video calls. With the support of those conversation insights, brands will be able to build enhanced bot conversations. It enables brands to provide even more personalised customer experiences.

Salesforce CMS

We expect users will save plenty of time with the new comprehensive search capabilities of CMS. Previously, CMS searches only examined content items in the workspace folder where the search was initiated. But with enhanced CMS workspace searches, it will review all of the content items in the workspace, looking for the search keywords in all of the text fields, and show results. Hence, users will no longer need to spend more time organizing and searching their CMS content. Instead, they can focus on creating high-quality content for target audiences.

Security and privacy

The first phase of multi-factor authentication (MFA) auto-enablement begins with the Spring ’23 release. Data privacy is a major concern for brands as they deal with huge amounts of customer data. Marketers are under massive pressure to strike a balance between personalization and privacy. At this point, Salesforce, with its new security features, simplifies the path for brands to boost security and compliance gains.


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