Meta Collaborates with IRI’s Ansa: Providing Shopper Marketers an Integrated Measurement Solution

Published: January 05, 2023

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Meta Platforms and IRI, a data analytics and market research company, are collaborating to offer shopper marketers a new solution. It bridges the gap between campaigns running on Meta's social media platforms and in-store CPG sales at leading U.S. retailers.

Shopper marketing is a cross-functional approach that focuses on improving the shopping experience for customers in order to increase sales both in-store and online at the point of purchase.

Marketers using Meta's Instagram and Facebook platforms will now have access to brand- and product-level sales results for their shopper marketing campaigns. It resolves a critical issue in determining the effectiveness of shopper marketing investments.

IRI's Ansa is a SaaS platform designed specifically for shopper marketing. Based on store-level sales, Ansa automatically targets, optimizes, and measures campaigns. At the end of their campaigns, shopper marketers running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram will receive Ansa's automated campaign measurement.

Ansa will enable marketers to reach shoppers on Meta's platforms in a data-enabled way that is more cost-effective, flexible, and scalable than ever before. It will enable them to access the right people at the right time in their purchasing journey, making it easier for them to buy online and in stores.

Jennifer Pelino

Executive Vice President, Global Media Solutions for IRI

Ansa also offers hyper-local targeting recommendations and optimization based on the parameters of each campaign. Similar to a matched-market test, campaigns using Ansa for measurement run media in specified test locations while leaving control locations dark. The differences between test and control locations are analyzed to determine the campaign's sales lift.

Ansa is now available on Meta's Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Measure In-Store Sales Impact of Online Advertising via Meta Platforms

With consumers more distracted than ever, shopper marketing leverages mobile technology to deliver unprecedented convenience and personalization to customers. Big retailers can carry over customers’ interest in social media to in-store and excite mobile-savvy shoppers to drive sales.

Instagram and Facebook are especially used by two-thirds of CPG and retailer shopper marketers to drive category and brand sales.

But the key challenge that marketers have been facing is their inability to properly connect the dots between omni-channel sales impact and retailer-specific social media investments. As a result, analytic measurement became isolated. Thus, brands were unable to provide a personalised customer experience.

Now, with the measurement partnership between Meta and IRI, marketers will possibly overcome the above-mentioned challenges. Ansa not only provides automated measurement from Facebook and Instagram campaigns; it also makes recommendations for targeting and optimization based on the results. It will indeed help marketers target the right audiences at the right time.

Also, with Ansa providing the store-level data, marketers will have the capability to identify stores with high sales potential. As a result, instead of wasting money on irrational advertising, marketers can focus their efforts on retail stores with high potential. And it will help them fine-tune their campaign strategies accordingly.

By virtue of all these new capabilities, we expect this collaboration to help shopper marketers effectively plan and optimize their social media campaigns.


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