Reddit Future Tellers Research Revealed at CES 2023: Helping Brands Predict Future

Published: January 06, 2023

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Reddit has already announced its "Future Tellers" marketing insights event for CES 2023. Now, following that, at the CES 2023 event in Las Vegas, Reddit released a special report with insights for brands.

The Future Tellers display at CES 2023 includes:

  • Reddit community Crystal Ball: It is a digital art installation that showcases ideas and predictions around the future.
  • The "Communi-Tea Leaves" element highlights key conversations and threads on Reddit.
  • Prediction Challenge: Guests can try forecasting the future and see how their predictions relate to those of the Reddit community.

Reddit is a place where people come to form and share their opinions. The conversations taking place have a level of richness that tells us so much about the world around us and how people are thinking and feeling-Reddit communities provide an unofficial (and free) market research group on any given topic. However, not everyone understands how to navigate this information, and with this research, we hope to assist brands in understanding how their audiences are showing up today so that they can better plan for tomorrow.

Rob Gaige, Reddit's Global Insights Director

It is noted that Reddit has over 100,000 "subreddits," which are communities based on topics ranging from sports to TV to science and niche topics of bug-eating and space tourism.

According to the study, 68% of Redditors "like to keep up with new technologies and gadgets," compared to 24% of YouTube users, 8% of TikTok users, 7% of Instagram users, and 5% of Twitter users.

Redditors are early adopters, with 53% of Redditors in the survey agreeing that they were "the first among friends to buy a new gadget," outpacing TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube users.

Reddit revealed new research on how 2,000 US residents between the ages of 18 and 60 who use its platform, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube, feel about emerging technologies and when they believe those technologies will become mainstream.

Reddit searched its platform's conversations for the most-talked-about technological innovations, then polled Redditors on their predictions. By 2025, people predicted a rise in metaverse adoption and personalized AI-generated music.

There will be smart contacts, nanomedicines (digestible bots) by 2029, robot chefs, and AI co-workers by 2035, Redditors predicted.

Can Reddit propel social prediction to help brands uncover market and audience research insights?

Understanding customers' needs and desires is vitally important for marketing success. With Reddit’s recent move-sharing this type of detailed data-we could clearly sense that Reddit is working to unleash a prediction engine out of its platform.

And, of course, with the right approach, not just Reddit but any social media platform can be a valuable marketing option to predict customer behaviour for brands. It may become a primary go-to tool to do key research and gain insights for marketers in the future.

In today’s market, brands are leaning towards artificial intelligence technologies to predict customer behaviour and make marketing decisions. Though AI is inevitable, it does not have to be marketers' only option. Furthermore, we anticipate that social media and forums will be equally competitive in terms of social prediction, surfacing, and predicting unknown and emerging trends.

Reddit has evidently put its foot forward towards social prediction, and possibly soon other social media forums and platforms like Gizmodo, Quora, and Tumblr may follow the path. However, looking at the statistics released by Oberlo, we expect this discussion-based social platform to lead the race and get more attention from marketers than it currently does.

If you haven't considered using Reddit to gain marketing insights for your brand before, it may be prudent to spend some time learning how it works and gaining insights into subreddits that are relevant to your business. As a result, marketers can unearth limitless opportunities.


Jasmine Jackson

Jasmine is a social media maven with a talent for building engaged communities. She's a natural storyteller and has a way of making complex ideas accessible to everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, and exploring new cuisines.


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