Become Metaverse-Ready with AesirX Opensource Metaverse CMS

Published: December 27, 2022

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AesirX, a digital experience platform, recently released their Metaverse CMS to the open-source community. It is coming with privacy-first technology.

AesirX Metaverse CMS (MCMS) is a content management system that combines Web2 and Web3 technologies. It functions as a more advanced version of a traditional CMS, allowing you to build your business online and publish content more effectively and securely. To make the headless CMS the centre of the user experience, the roadmap includes NFTs and decentralised open APIs.

According to AesirX's blog, AesirX MCMS is the sixth out of 20 AesirX Solutions released in the past two years to help all businesses gain access to free or low-cost technology to help them evolve and democratise technology around the world.

AesirX MCMS is part of a new generation of marketing technology solutions that only collect first-party behavioural data to improve the user experience. For added security, AesirX MCMS is integrated with Concordium blockchain zero-knowledge ID. It is an authentication protocol used to confirm digital identities, providing an additional layer of security while allowing users to remain anonymous.

AesirX MCMS can be downloaded as open source from GitHub and used for free in the Community Edition. There are four additional tiers available, making it suitable for any size organisation, from single marketers to enterprise-level businesses.

Top Benefits of AesirX Metaverse CMS for marketers

With the Metaverse gaining traction in a variety of industries, a slew of tools and platforms are emerging to assist brands in becoming Metaverse-ready. Since AesirX MCMS is available as open source, brands can easily experiment with this platform and explore its nuanced features.

Metaverse allows brands to reach new audiences and sell products in new arenas. Marketers are already under pressure to strengthen their brand’s digital presence in the Metaverse. And, to create sustainable 3D communities in the Metaverse, an advanced CMS solution is a must.

At this point, the AesirX Metaverse CMS (MCMS) lays the groundwork for marketers. Because it enables them to create, manage, and modify virtual, augmented, and other immersive content using the headless CMS.

It will most likely make it easier for marketers to experiment in the Web3 space to create immersive Metaverse experiences for audiences. We also anticipate that it will be user-friendly. As a result, businesses will not have to commit all of their resources to make it work.

As we move toward a GDPR-compliant world that prioritizes privacy and does not use third-party cookies, marketers are struggling to figure out a strategy to scale up first-party analytical capability. AesirX Metaverse CMS (MCMS) works with Concordium blockchain zero knowledge ID. Thus, brands can get access to create and publish content for the Metaverse and deliver better customer experiences while giving users control over their privacy consent.


Pete Johnson

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