Struggling to find AI use cases for your brand? Take a leaf out of Carvana.

Published: May 10, 2023

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Since the launch and popularity of ChatGPT, generative AI has been the subject of much hype in the industry.

And the use of AI and machine learning technology is nothing new for brands and marketers. Marketers have long used this technology for data analysis, customer segmentation, chatbots, and other purposes.

Brands have been constantly working on and coming up with interesting use cases for AI. And, particularly, the potential it holds for easing customer service and marketing is definitely exciting and intriguing.

Recently, Carvana, a pioneer in the online buying and selling of used cars, has used machine learning to provide customers with fun and unique AI-generated videos of their vehicles. The video tells the unique story of how the particular owner met their car.

As a brand dedicated to providing incredible customer experiences, it's exciting to remind customers of the day they met their Carvana vehicle in an innovative, fun, and uniquely personalised way.

Ryan Keeton,

Carvana Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

Each animated video is one minute and 47 seconds long. It is specifically meant to emphasize the connection between an owner and their car. The cars represent the date and place when they "first met" their owners, in addition to cultural moments from that time period.

Carvana's AI use was based on an array of images for each car it sold, which were digitally provided via computer vision to generate 3D copies for each owner's video. A type of artificial intelligence in which systems get data from images and videos is known as computer vision.

The company has planned to send the unique videos via email to around 1.3 million Carvana owners. Carvana will also promote it on social media and ask owners to share their videos on their own channels.

Keeton also added that certain videos would likely contain inaccuracies due to the huge number of iterations and the fact that AI must be constantly trained to be as precise as possible.

Is constantly exploring AI technologies critical for brands?

Indeed, the role of AI is significant in narrowing the gap between brands and their customers. While adopting successful strategies that work for others is crucial to meeting market needs, constantly experimenting with AI and machine learning technologies and coming up with innovative use cases helps brands unlock unparalleled opportunities in the business market.

Strengthen the bond with existing customers:

More and more businesses are bending over backwards and spending more dollars, especially to better understand their customers and provide them with a personalized customer experience.

Through Carvana's new strategy, the company will not only give its customers a personalized experience but more beyond that. The videos will possibly make them feel special, and they will more likely to celebrate it. It will in turn strengthen their relationship with brands, improve customer loyalty, and build a positive reputation for the brand.

Thus, we believe that failing to explore novel AI applications is nothing less than losing enormously valuable opportunities.

Helps to stand out and make a difference

In this competitive business world, customers have a plethora of options to choose from and get distracted by. Thus, to differentiate themselves from others, it is critically important for brands to stand out from the crowd and be there in customers’ minds by doing something novel.

And unique strategies like Carvana’s pave the way for brands to achieve it. Through this innovative attempt, Carvana can possibly give customers reasons to consider them over other brands in their purchase decisions.

Can get more reach via social media:

The way Carvana curated this innovative AI strategy is brilliant. In our opinion, the customers of Carvana will definitely love and enjoy the videos. As the company is encouraging their customers to share it on social media, many of them will likely post it and share their emotions along with it.

This way, the company can probably get massive organic reach! As a result, Carvana can get more and more user-generated content, which they can use for their marketing campaigns.

Overall, in our opinion, Carvana’s innovative AI strategy is more likely to be successful. Perhaps it will create a new trend in the market. But what we believe is the most important takeaway for brands and marketers is to continuously leverage AI technologies and come up with innovative ideas to make a difference in the market and lead the race.


Pete Johnson

Pete is a MarTech expert guru with a knack for getting diverse MarTech solutions work for brands. He has a wealth of experience in working with a plethora of MarTech platforms that dive Personalized Omnichannel Experiences. When he's not at work, you can find him playing basketball or listening to jazz.


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