Appier Launches AIRIS, an AI powered CDP: An Intuitive Tool to Elevate Customer Experience

Published: December 30, 2022

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Appier, a conversational marketing platform, recently launched its next-generation AI-powered CDP (customer data platform) called AIRIS. Appier's real-time CDP helps brands and marketers make smarter decisions by leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a piece of software that combines data from various tools to create a single, centralised customer database containing information on all site visits and interactions with a company's product or service. That database can then be subdivided in an almost infinite number of ways to generate more specialised marketing strategies.

It is noted that this launch follows its acquisition of Woopra and combines AIXON's advanced user-centric predictive AI capabilities with Woopra's superior data analytics and intuitive data visualisation to help enterprises turn data into insights and results.

We understand that extracting insights from data in the shortest amount of time is a major challenge for businesses and marketers. Appier's next generation of CDP, which combines its expertise in AI technology and digital marketing, will not only meet the needs of marketers but will also be a market-leading solution to address this pain point.

Dr. Chih-Han Yu

CEO and co-founder of Appier

Below are the five ways that AIRIS can help brands and marketers:

  • Make first-party data more valuable and empower data storytelling.
  • Provide marketers with more freedom and flexibility.
  • Data visualization provides the best insight.
  • Preview and predict performance before investment to maximize ROI.
  • Complying with data privacy laws to protect the security of user data.

According to Appier, when AIRIS is used in combination with its AI-powered analytics and prediction capabilities, it can further amplify data to boost first-party data-centric solutions and the potential of MarTech applications.

How does the AI-powered CDP help marketers?

Saves Time

The key challenge for the majority of businesses is the time taken to derive insights from data and, hence, make marketing decisions based on the insights. Appier's AI-powered CDP addresses this issue. It helps enterprises avoid spending an inordinate amount of time on data analysis and generate timely predictive insights. At a fast pace. With the help of advanced AI and machine learning technologies. Thereby, it supports the marketing team to maximize campaign ROIs and bring customer experiences to the next level.

Provide Complete Customer Profile

With an AI-powered CDP like AIRIS, marketers will be able to get accurate customer profiles. Since AIRIS is designed to handle multiple data points from a wide range of sources, the possibility of duplicated or lost data will also be minimal. As a result, it will probably make the whole process error-free for marketers to tweak their campaign strategies easily based on real-time customer insights.

Helps Leverage First-party Data

It is obvious that customers' growing concerns about data privacy and the restrictions around the use of third-party data have set a higher compliance standard for businesses. As AIRIS offers the capability to integrate with multiple sources, it will enable marketers to unleash the full benefits of the data available to drive conversions while respecting the customer’s privacy and safety concerns.


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