Unica Interact Personalization Playback - Optimize Offer Effectiveness and Campaign Responses

Published: November 17, 2022

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HCL Unica Interact recently released its Unica version 12.1.3 and introduced the personalization Playback feature. With this feature, users can access retrospective views of the activities that occurred in any date range. They can also drill down to individual sessions and obtain specific details such as Audience Profile, Audience Context, Interaction History (API Trace), Event Pattern State, Presented Offers, Suppressed Offers, etc.

Here are the capabilities of this all-new Playback feature:

  • Robust filtering options based on audience or profile level
  • Historical selection of data from any past date range or pre-set ranges
  • Interactive graph that displays activities based on various sessions and audiences during the selected date range
  • Comprehensive access to information including high-level summary and individual session details

Marketers can leverage Personalization Playback to review activities that result from existing campaigns and optimize subsequent campaigns accordingly. However, to enable this feature in the new version of the Unica Marketing Platform, users need to configure certain parameters including profile attributes, session, and event pattern status. This has to be configured for all the APIs that users wish to integrate including Unica Campaign or any other channels such as website, call centre, and other touchpoints.

“Our goal with every release of HCL Unica is to make it easier for marketers to build personalized consumer engagements,” said Brian Gillespie, Senior Director, Product Management, CX. “The needs of marketers are constantly changing, so we need to make sure that we are delivering innovation to our customers to help them reach their goals easier and faster."

Our Point of View

Unica Interact, a module within the Unica suite of tools is an interactive engine that orchestrates personalized offers to audiences on interactive channels based on real-time customer behavior. With this playback feature, marketers can access the contact and response history of audiences at both an aggregate and granular level.

Using these insights, they can review the outcomes of existing campaigns in detail and optimize campaign response rates. By viewing a summary of delivered and suppressed offers, marketers can understand what’s working and what’s not. Channel managers can check the uptick of recently launched offers on their channel and understand if they have activated the right audience segment on the right channel. If not, they can quickly make changes and improve offer effectiveness.

Moreover, they can prevent campaign fatigue by avoiding repeated exposure of offers to the same customers. For example, if a customer has accepted an offer on website, they can use that data to ensure either that the same offer is not sent by mail, or that they follow up the offer with a telephone call. In addition, they can leverage response optimization techniques like delivery channel optimization and send time optimization for increased efficiency.

All in all, the inclusion of the new Playback feature in Unica Interact makes it possible for enhanced omnichannel personalization based on historical occurrences and patterns. To harness the power of this feature from Unica, it’s imperative for brands to configure their workflows and activate cases for usage.


Pete Johnson

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