Meta unveils new insights for marketers—a catalyst to reap unrivalled results?

Published: June 07, 2023

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Data restrictions and changes in the digital advertising landscape are increasing, and this trend will only continue as the digital world prepares for a cookie-free future.

The tech industry is working hard to find a successful way to overcome this transformation.

And it is well known that the tech giant Meta is striving diligently to keep up its ad revenue flows in face of this situation, which has forced it to re-evaluate staffing, reorganise priorities, and shift the way its ad systems function.

Indeed, it has resulted in erratic results on both Facebook and Instagram, and numerous marketers have been annoyed by the number of changes required to re-optimize their campaigns.

Meta is already aware of this. As an extension of this, Meta launched its new 'Performance 5' framework, which is a collection of five data-backed strategies for improving advertising efficiency on Meta platforms.

Recently, the company shared some new tips on this front that can assist marketers in aligning their campaigns with Meta's new approach.

Here is the summary of Meta’s Performance 5 tips:

Simplify the account:

Account simplicity is the foundation, and marketers can maximise results by using a more simplified ad structure.

Make use of automation tools:

Using Meta's evolving AI systems to target ads on the basis of algorithmically recognised trends and responses will assist marketers in seeing improved responses.

Make your creativity stand out:

Meta suggests marketers create multiple iterations of their creative elements in order to present more pertinent messages to specific audiences and maximise reach and resonance.

Make use of the Conversions API:

Meta also advises marketers to utilise its Conversions API to supplement on-platform campaigns with data that they own.

Utilize the conversion lift measurement:

Marketers should use conversion lift to measure performance, according to Meta.

That is, using comparative data tools will assist marketers in getting a better understanding of relative ad performance so that campaigns can be well optimised.

Why should marketers not overlook Meta’s new insights?

After Apple’s privacy policy changes to give users greater control of their data, Meta has faced an ad revenue loss of around $10 billion, with many Facebook and Instagram users switching off data tracking on their devices.

To combat this challenge and amp up its ad revenue flow, Meta has been vigorously working in this space. Needless to mention, recently the company announced its collaboration with IRI’s Ansa, added new ad types for retailers, and is doing so much more to attract audiences and marketers to its platform.

Given this situation, the company's intention to provide new insights for marketers to maximise the ad campaigns on its platforms is quite transparent and understandable. And we believe, these kinds of moves from Meta, particularly to face a privacy-centric world, are essential to establishing its supremacy in the industry.

Now, how important are these insights for marketers?

Without any doubt, it is critically crucial for brands and marketers to pay attention to it and implement these tips.


  • As Meta continues to evolve its ad systems, these advanced insights will only help marketers create more personalized ad campaigns. By implementing Meta’s suggestions, marketers will be more likely to sharpen their targeting, reach high-value audiences, and increase engagement from potential customers. Ignoring these may possibly put marketers off track.
  • In this uncertain economic world, brands and marketers are already in a position to reap the maximum benefit for every ad dollar they put into promotion activities. With Meta's new insights, marketers’ jobs may get a lot easier, as it can possibly help them easily identify cost-effective strategies, divide their budgets more efficiently, and attain a greater return on investment (ROI).
  • Meta's insights only represent emerging trends and best practises on their platform to reap the best results. For instance, Meta is suggesting using its automation tools and conversion lift measurement for upcoming campaigns. Thus, by paying close attention to these insights, marketers will be able to keep up with the latest developments on the platforms, acclimatize their strategies accordingly, and make certain that their campaigns stay relevant and effective.
  • Marketers may have thousands of tips in hand to follow to achieve their intended results on meta-platforms. However, the most challenging part is deciding how to prioritize them. As the platform itself calls out the best practises, it is nothing but a windfall for marketers. Although it seems frustrating for marketers initially, adapting these insights sooner will help them stay ahead of their competitors as well.

Overall, we double down on marketers paying close attention to Meta’s new insights to maximize their campaign effectiveness. And, in our opinion, ignoring them is tantamount to passing up an opportunity or allowing your competitors to take the lead in the race.


Bill Walker

Bill is a marketing strategist who believes in the power of storytelling. He's known for his creativity, wit, and ability to connect with audiences across all channels. When he's not crafting marketing campaigns, you can find him hiking in the mountains or reading a good book.


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