WPP’s big bet on generative AI: is it something marketers must pay attention to?

Published: May 31, 2023

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On the one hand, generative AI is exploding and continues to capture the attention of consumers and marketers. As a result, tech titans are aggressively incorporating AI features into their platforms and developing their own AI tools.

Indeed, Google recently announced a suite of AI-powered ad creation tools at its marketing live event.

WPP, the multinational communications and advertising company, has now joined the list.

Recently, WPP has partnered with Nvidia, an AI computing company, to render its users with a new advertising platform that uses generative AI capabilities to scale creative more efficiently.

The CEO of Nvidia recently disclosed the partnership at Computex, an annual technology conference.

The new solution is built based on Nvidia's Omniverse Cloud, which manages industrial digital applications and will soon be available exclusively to WPP clients.

As part of it, brands will be able to create 2D images and videos, as well as 3D simulations, using the unnamed platform. And WPP will be able to connect generative AI tools like Substance 3D and Firefly products from Adobe and Getty Images. It will allow their clients to create more lifelike images and videos from text.

According to the companies, the new platform will surpass traditional creative processes, in which thousands of assets must be manually created based on information collected from various sources.

WPP's new collaboration benefits from Nvidia's recent success. Nvidia has grown into one of the world's most valuable technology companies as a dominant vendor of artificial intelligence hardware and software.

What does it mean to marketers?

Without a doubt, WPP's announcement comes at a time when marketers are expressing a strong interest in the emerging AI sector. At the same time, due to economic pressures, many brands are also considering cutting back on their advertising spending.

Given this, big ad platforms like Google and Meta Platforms are making investments in their own generative AI technologies to assist advertisers in iterating on creative at a faster rate.

At this point in time, WPP’s new and creative move definitely sounds intriguing and unique. As the new platform will allow WPP clients to access multiple industrial AI applications for content creation we believe it can possibly benefit marketers in various ways.

  • Firstly, WPP’s new platform will provide marketers with the efficiency to streamline content creation processes. As marketers can leverage various tools and features from various applications, they will be able to generate high-quality content quickly and easily. It, in turn, will help them save time and resources. Besides, they can spend quality time planning other strategic aspects of their campaigns.
  • Because generative AI capabilities are built into the WPP platform, it is likely to push marketers' creativity to new heights. They can easily explore various innovative ideas, experiment with different concepts, and generate content that is likely to resonate with their target audience by utilising AI-powered tools. As a result, marketers can create more compelling and engaging advertisements for their target audiences and boost engagement.
  • If WPP's platform delivers on its promises, it could become the most cost-effective option for marketers. Because marketers can leverage the ad platform's efficiency to reduce costs associated with the content creation process, they will be able to generate a large volume of content without requiring extensive human resources while maintaining quality and effectiveness.
  • The multi-application approach and generative AI capabilities of the platform can make scalability easy for marketers. As technology evolves, people's expectations change. Consequently, marketers are pushed to test more, so that content requirements increase and so does the volume of advertising campaigns. With WPP’s new platform, we believe marketers can easily scale their operations and accommodate the growing needs of their target market.
  • Curating personalised content for target audiences is critical for marketers to attract their target audiences in today's digital arena. In this regard, WPP's platform will significantly assist brands and marketers in easily creating various variations of content that match audience interest and preferences. Ultimately, it can improve ad effectiveness and conversion rates.

Overall, in our opinion, WPP’s new platform is something marketers must pay attention to. And it shows all signs of paving the way for marketers to better connect with their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals efficiently.


Bill Walker

Bill is a marketing strategist who believes in the power of storytelling. He's known for his creativity, wit, and ability to connect with audiences across all channels. When he's not crafting marketing campaigns, you can find him hiking in the mountains or reading a good book.


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