The Fabricant and Highsnobiety Collaborate on Web3 with Limited Edition Wearables

Published: June 21, 2023

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Highsnobiety, the street-wear brand and The Fabricant, which is an NFT luxury fashion brand, are launching a Web3 wearables version of the iconic Varsity Jackets Not in Paris 5 collection. This is for the Paris Fashion Week.

Three limited-edition design options are available on The Fabricant platform between June 20 and July 5 for up to 33 FLOW tokens. Those who hold them can showcase these via Augmented Reality. They are really limited edition with only 300 pieces up for grabs!

The Fabricant is a leading Web3 luxury fashion brand which now returns to the metaverse on the 20th of June to celebrate Highsnobiety’s long-awaited physical installment in Paris, Not in Paris 5. The Web3 launch also has the same name.

Each Jacket features the unmistakable street wear style of Highsnobiety but also has a touch of futuristic luxury from The Fabricant. Those who wish to own these can buy a hyper-limited edition piece on The Fabricant platform. The price ranges between 24 to 33 FLOW (the native currency of the Flow blockchain).

There are three wearables -

The Eiffel Tower Pursuit: this wearable is an exact copy of the most iconic Varsity Jacket, surrounded by floating Eiffel Towers

Echoes of Paris has abstract patches with visual effects in the metaverse

And the Parisian Mirage reflects the surroundings on to a shiny surface. This one is truly a show stopper!

Once fans buy these wearables, they can show them off using AR at any time! They can also use AR to wear them!

Web3 fashion is truly one of the fastest growing in the Web3 realm.

The winning strategy of NFT Wearables

Wearable NFTs are hugely popular today. That is mainly because of the great personal branding appeal that they have in the virtual worlds where people connect with one another in highly interactive and immersive ways.

Everyone either has one. Or wants one. It is like keeping up with the Jones’s on a whole different level! Quite literally so!

The whole idea and concept of virtual fashion is not new to Gen Z or the Millennial – they have been dabbling in it for years thanks to online games where they each have a unique character or avatar that wears virtual outfits and add on more wearables and collectibles with each level. So Web3 just takes this a step further – and the audience happily jumps on board.

Fashion, particularly luxury fashion finds itself at home in this virtual space. And it finds that it is hugely popular here. Brands can go beyond all the constraints of the physical world like gravity or durability of materials, and use really wildly creative and impossible material to design their outfits with! They can use material like liquid gold or fire or water or moonlight! And the fan base simply laps it up!

The Fabricant is a brand that has emerged as the ultimate fashion trends-setter. And when it collaborates (oh they say ‘collabs’) with another brand, you bet the younger digital audience sits up and takes notice.

With more and more fashion brands stepping into Web3 and making waves, it is obvious that this emerging tech that was all the rage until generative AI and chatGPT came on the scene and grabbed all the attention, is still alive and well and thriving! And the space lends itself so beautifully to fashion brands which can be their most wildly creative without the restraints that reality can bring!

And when it comes to NFT wearables, there are so many options that brands can offer their customers. The fashion choices are endless and the audience is hungry and waiting to just lap it up.

With everyone talking about how the fashion industry is destroying the environment with discarded garments filling up landfills everywhere, virtual wearables and NFT collectibles are an environmentally-friendly alternative to fast fashion. And this is one more thing that the value-committed Gen Z identifies with.

And when the NFT collectible wearables are limited edition – it is a classic case of the ancient meeting the modern. The idea of scarcity and that only a few pieces of a product is available to buy, is as old as the hills. And that is a tactic that never fails to work. And the modern product being an NFT wearable, it brings the two together in an irresistible combination!

What’s not to love!


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