Alchemer Acquires Apptentive, Helping Enterprises Facilitate Customer Feedback with Ease

Published: January 12, 2023

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Alchemer, a global leader in experience management and enterprise feedback technology, recently announced its acquisition of Apptentive, the industry leader in mobile feedback technology.

This acquisition gives Alchemer customers a more comprehensive method of collecting feedback from mobile customers. It also provides Apptentive customers access to survey and workflow functionality across communication channels and platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Alchemer, formerly called SurveyGizmo, assists businesses in collecting, analysing, and leveraging customer and employee feedback to improve engagement, retention, and user experience.

On a daily basis, Apptentive manages millions of consumer interactions for the world's largest brands. It results in twice as much actionable feedback and 70% higher retention than the average mobile app.

This acquisition provides our customers with an incredible opportunity to better reach their customers and employees where they are engaged—in mobile apps.

David Roberts,

CEO of Alchemer

The Alchemer experience management platform enables customers to provide more detailed feedback. Businesses can put these insights to action by leveraging Alchemer's workflow and integration capabilities, closing the feedback loop with their customers who take the time to provide their views and concerns.

Alchemer is the ideal platform for us to realise our vision for Apptentive, which is to give every customer a voice." I am excited to combine our best-in-class mobile capabilities and talented team with the Alchemer team and offering after a year in which we broke feedback volume records and released Version 6.0 of our mobile SDKs.

Robi Ganguly,

CEO of Apptentive

Alchemer and Apptentive will begin offering their combined set of solutions to customers immediately, and they will soon launch new, integrated market solutions.

How this partnership can help enterprises democratize customer experience management?

Taking a proactive approach to gathering customer feedback ensures that brands do not deviate too far from the needs of their customers. Customer feedback is crucial for understanding customers’ experiences with your company, product, or service and making further improvements to drive business forward.

It is especially useful for marketing teams and market researchers in determining which customers to target, which products resonate with the product, and making proactive course corrections accordingly.

In recent years, smartphones have grown to be more powerful and all-encompassing. People are spending more time on mobile devices than on any other gadgets.

Hence, by acquiring Apptentive, Alchemer expands its existing mobile experience for customers. Alchemer enables users to engage with their customers by inviting them to specific survey experiences. But, now, with Apptentive, it will show up on mobile apps, voice-enabled devices, and everywhere people engage with companies in the mobile platform. Basically, it gains the capability to show up wherever the customers are.

In today’s marketing era, every organisation collects customers’ feedback, but many don’t act on it. Apptentive, on the other hand, provides granular insights by measuring every small shift in customer sentiments throughout their journey. Marketers can later easily route those insights to increase customer retention, improve precision targeting, and make better marketing decisions.

In brief, we expect this partnership will help enterprises find and keep their customers closer by lowering the barrier to receiving their opinions and understanding their problems.


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