Adobe sparks with new generative AI capabilities, pushing the boundaries for marketers.

Published: June 09, 2023

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From Google to Microsoft to Salesforce to Canva, every tech company is racing to introduce new AI tools or incorporate generative AI features into their products, and this trend is only on the rise.

Indeed, Adobe is not an exception.

From the Adobe Summit 2023 that took place a few months ago, it was apparent that the company is focusing even more on expanding its AI-based capabilities across Adobe Cloud.

And now, as a way of backing it up, recently at Adobe Summit EMEA 2023, the company introduced a new beta version of Adobe Express, the all-in-one content creation app powered by Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, Firefly.

The latest Express version combines the versatility and accuracy of Adobe's popular photo, design, video, document, and generative AI tools in a new all-in-one editor. As an impact, it can make jobs such as generating distinctive social video content, correcting images, editing PDFs, and building out amazing designs quick and easy.

Months after Firefly’s debut, Adobe hopes to increase its adoption among a wide range of users, from marketers to casual users.

According to Adobe, several hundred brands and agencies, including IBM and Mattel, are generating content with Firefly, which has created more than 200 million visuals for beta users since March.

The efforts come as more businesses look for ways to boost their AI investments on a variety of fronts, from internal tool development to outsourcing. According to a new G2 survey, software buyers intend to raise their AI spending by 60% by 2024, with 81% believing that AI is essential to the software they purchase.

How will the all-new Adobe Express make marketers’ lives easier?

Through its continuous efforts and innovations, this software pioneer helps brands and marketers invariably transform their digital businesses in multiple ways.

Although AI and the innovations centred around it are not new for Adobe, its latest announcements are indeed significant and add more value for marketers.

And this all-new Adobe Express is no exception.

  • The new version of Adobe Express can be an actionable way for markers to fuel their creativity. By leveraging Firefly's capabilities within Adobe Express, marketers will have a streamlined workflow to generate innovative content ideas, high-quality and engaging visuals, and unique design suggestions. Which, in turn, will help them and their brand increase the likelihood of audience engagement and gain a competitive advantage to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • With Firefly integrated into Adobe Express, marketers can save significant time and effort in the content creation process by automating certain tasks such as creating design variants, suggesting colour schemes, or creating different versions of ad copy with simple text prompts. Consecutively, this may accelerate their creative process while minimising the requirement for manual iterations. This way, they can save valuable resources in the long run.
  • The new capability of Adobe Express can assist marketers of all skill levels in generating personalised variations of creatives based on specific audience segments, as they can generate custom images and text effects from just a description. As personalised content is the foundation for effective marketing, this capability can enable them to deliver more relevant content to their target audiences. Through this, they are more likely to increase the chances of conversion and make their marketing efforts more effective.
  • Marketers can use Firefly's AI models in express workflows to easily compare the performance of the creative variants so as to optimise marketing campaigns accordingly. This data-driven approach can help marketers identify the most effective design elements, variations, or visual styles for their target audience. By implementing those, marketers can refine their strategies and maximise their return on investment.

With that said, while companies experimenting with AI-generated content is increasing on one side, many are still hesitating because of copyright issues and risks connected with generative AI usage.

And as a way of answering them, Adobe emphasises that its models are only trained with appropriately licenced content. The interesting part is that Adobe is even providing IP indemnity to enterprise clients in the event of copyright lawsuits.

So, what else would brands and marketers need to worry about?

Now the ball is in the marketers’ court. Fly it high and reap the most of it.


Pete Johnson

Pete is a MarTech expert guru with a knack for getting diverse MarTech solutions work for brands. He has a wealth of experience in working with a plethora of MarTech platforms that dive Personalized Omnichannel Experiences. When he's not at work, you can find him playing basketball or listening to jazz.


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