Adobe Summit 2023: A Quick Roundup for Marketers

Published: March 24, 2023

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After three years of hosting virtual conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Adobe Summit 2023 kicked off on March 21, 2023.

Adobe unveiled a slew of product innovations for Adobe Experience Cloud, allowing brands to drive experience-led growth.

Adobe's generative AI services were also announced at Adobe Summit 2023, as the company recently collaborated with NVIDIA.

Our latest Adobe Experience Cloud innovations connect customer experience creation and management in a unique way, enabling brands to efficiently scale, unify, and personalize digital experiences across surfaces and achieve sustained, experience-led growth.

Anil Chakravarthy

President, Digital Experience Business at Adobe

At the Adobe Summit, the company launched the following:

Adobe Sensei GenAI Services: These new generative AI services will be natively integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud as a co-pilot for marketing professionals to improve productivity with trusted governance capabilities.

Adobe Firefly: It is a new family of creative AI models trained primarily on hundreds of millions of professional-grade Adobe Stock images. It is intended to be first integrated into Adobe Experience Cloud for businesses to generate commercially safe content.

New Adobe Product Analytics: It reimagines product analytics by bringing together customer journey insights from marketing and product.

A reimagined content management solution: It allows marketers to easily update websites and mobile apps using common word processing and spreadsheet software. It uses Adobe Sensei AI to analyze how different content attributes affect performance across different audiences and suggest changes that will resonate well with viewers.

Adobe also announced Adobe Express for Enterprise. It facilitates anyone in an organization, irrespective of their creative skill level, to quickly create and iterate content.

Adobe Real-Time CDP is bringing innovative solutions that speed up personalization at scale to assist brands in unlocking additional value.

Adobe also debuted the first comprehensive content supply chain solution in the industry. The solution combines Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud applications, services, and integrations.

What does Adobe Summit 2023 unlock for marketers?

The innovations through Adobe Sensei into various applications have been remarkable, which the massive users of this platform love and rely on.

From the Adobe Summit 2023, it is apparent that Adobe is striving even more to amplify its AI-based capabilities across Adobe Cloud.

On the one hand, AI models like ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Bard are taking the internet by storm, and on the other, Adobe has released its creative generative AI model called Firefly. Marketers are already busy exploring the AI models that recently entered the market. It goes without saying that the enormous buzz that Coca-Cola is creating with AI models among its customers.

Now, Adobe joins the club and adds more spice to the AI race.

Apart from this, with the integration of AI tools in its various applications, we expect Adobe to provide numerous benefits to marketers.

Content creation is made simple:

Through Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Firefly, content creation is made easy for marketers. It in turn will accelerate the work process and reduce the workload for marketers. Besides, it will allow them to test multiple variants of creatives in a short time, allowing them to drive personalization at scale and improve campaign performance.

Provides convenient end-to-end marketing workflows:

As the consumption of digital content grows, so does the demand for content. But marketers have been struggling to meet the demands with disconnected workflows and systems. However, with Adobe's content supply chain solution, they will find the solution. As a result, it will help them drive efficiency, create engaging customer experiences, and have a real business impact.

Technical adoption will become easy:

With the new content management enhancements, marketers will be able to make changes to websites and mobile apps without the assistance of a technical team. Thus, it saves time and facilitates technical adoption among marketers.

Provides brand-safe AI model to use:

The biggest difference that Firefly has among other AI models in the market is that it does not generate images based on unlicensed IP from other brands. This capability adds more value to this AI model. Thus, marketers can readily use it for commercial purposes without any inhibitions.

Will the newly added capabilities, however, result in an increase in licencing costs?

That is yet to be seen.

If it turns out to be so, it is going to be a tough call for users.

Overall, Adobe Summit 2023 has opened new avenues for marketers to explore and benefit from. Now it is the marketers’ turn.


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