Acquia’s new Enhancements to its Customer Data Platform (CDP): A Unified Data Layer for Marketers

Published: December 26, 2022

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Acquia, a leading digital experience platform, recently introduced several enhancements to its customer data platform (CDP).

A customer data platform (CDP) is a piece of marketing technology that includes a number of tools that help the digital-first marketing team manage and extract insights from customer data.

The newly added capabilities of Acquia’s CDP broaden the ways in which marketers and data scientists can work with Acquia CDP information and reinforce the product's central role in composable customer data strategies.

The ability to work with data across systems is a key tenet of any composable digital experience strategy. We look for every opportunity to expand integrations between Acquia CDP and other martech systems, and to make it easy for organisations to make full use of their data while respecting the privacy and preferences of their own customers.

Jim Idelson

VP of Product at Acquia CDP

Jim Idelson also added that Acquia will release additional enhancements in 2023 to support customer self-service and broader integrations.

The new enhancements to Acquia CDP are the following:

  • Unified data layer:

Acquia's unified data layer, powered by Snowflake, enables centralised storage of customer data. Acquia CDP and other martech products no longer have to exchange data to keep information like customer lists in sync.

  • Direct SQL access:

Acquia CDP provides direct access to analytics, insights, and data for data scientists. This unique capability among major CDP vendors enables data scientists to run data models directly on Acquia CDP.

  • Integration with Acquia DAM:

Acquia CDP is compatible with all product information management systems, including Acquia PIM. It is now also compatible with the company's digital asset management (DAM) system.

What are the expanded possibilities for marketers to leverage Customer Data?

Enriched Data Quality with Unified Data Layer:

Marketers will no longer have to waste time passing data back and forth as Acquia provides a unified data layer. It will also improve the data quality by reducing discrepancies. When a unified data layer was not in place, marketers had to save and retrieve data from disparate sources. As a result, missing or duplicate data pieces were common. Hence, the quality of the data has been a chronic challenge. The unified data layer may ensure better data quality and improve system performance on the whole.

Access Insights Easily:

Acquia has also made a great move by providing direct SQL access. It eliminates the need for marketers to download data and transfer it to another system for processing. Marketers can now run data models directly in their CDP to uncover insights. Building a data model is crucial for any enterprise brand to optimise and achieve its marketing objectives.

As Acquia gives marketers the capability to run it within CDP itself, it provides a multi-pronged advantage for marketers looking to boost their brand's marketing performance.


Pete Johnson

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