TikTok Smart Performance Campaign: a lever to pull to drive growth?

Published: April 19, 2023

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In spite of the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future in the United States, the company has been focusing more on its performance-focused offerings, particularly its Smart Performance Campaigns.

Last October, TikTok introduced a new campaign type for brands to improve their performance in the app called Smart Performance Campaigns.

It's nearly identical to Google's smart and performance max campaign types, which require advertisers to place complete faith in the platform's AI technology.

According to TikTok, the Smart Performance Campaigns are ideal for advertisers who are new to advertising on the platform, enterprise advertisers who are short on resources to handle campaign management, performance-oriented advertisers looking to optimise, and gaming advertisers launching new titles.

It is currently unknown how much marketers are spending on performance marketing on the platform.

However, marketers and agency executives reported that TikTok's share of social spending has expanded from about 15% of social ad budgets last year to about 25% this year.

Regarding the Smart Performance Campaign effort in particular, marketers and agency executives stated that it is too early to predict its impact and that they do not yet have spending or performance figures to share.

While TikTok is "pushing more performance campaigns in general, it is clearly a test-and-learn environment where benchmarks must be created within the platform and how to compare performance to other channels and partners.

Erica Patrick,

SVP and director of paid social media, Media Hub

Is TikTok’s Smart Campaign worth considering for advertisers?

Following Google's Performance Max campaigns and Meta's Advantage + Shopping Campaigns, TikTok joined the race of offering automated advertising campaign solutions.

Given TikTok’s uncertain situation in the US market, an innovative push like this is much needed for the platform to gain advertisers trust. And to get a better standing in the market in order to maintain the ad spend flow into the platform.

But is it worth considering for advertisers?

We believe, yes.

Here are the few advantages advertisers can have by pulling this lever:

Saves plenty of time:

As smart campaign is easy to set up, optimize, and eliminate the number of manual steps required to create campaigns, it will simplify the campaign creation process. As a result, it will enable advertisers to launch campaigns quickly while saving significant time on campaign creation and execution.

Sharpen ad targeting:

TikTok smart campaigns, which use machine learning algorithms as their base, will allow advertisers to target audiences who are more likely to be interested in a particular brand’s products. This way, advertisers can reach the most relevant audience and thereby increase the engagement rate. It, in turn, will help to maximize the overall campaign's performance.


As advertisers are able to easily filter out the audience segments or ad placements that are unlikely to convert, the smart campaign helps advertisers ensure their ad spend will not get wasted. Thus, in our opinion, the TikTok Smart campaigns can possibly be a highly cost-effective option for advertisers.

That said, as more automation comes into play, concerns about less control for advertisers also arise.

However, as the world's attention shifts more towards AI and machine learning technology—given the phenomenal usage of ChatGPT in marketing, the boom of AI-powered search engines, etc.—advertisers are being pushed to experiment with automation products, such as innovative smart campaigns.

Ultimately, for any business, speed, efficiency, and ROI matter.

Besides, it ensures that platforms like TikTok or advertisers do not move off track and stay ahead of the curve.

And perhaps many other social platforms, like Pinterest and Snapchat, will soon join the race.

In a nutshell, we believe TikTok’s smart campaign is worth considering for advertisers who are looking to maximize campaign performance with limited time spent on campaign creation and optimization.


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