Microsoft's new UET Insights: Will it streamline campaign success for advertisers?

Published: May 30, 2023

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To track conversions and optimize Bing Ads campaigns, Microsoft’s Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag has been of great help for advertisers.

A Microsoft Advertising UET tag, in essence, tracks customer activities on a brand’s website after users click on their ad. It places a single UET tag on their website, allowing Microsoft Advertising to collect relevant data.

This kind of data collection allows advertisers to do precise targeting, plan new and retargeting campaigns, and constantly analyse and refine their ads to improve their performance.

To take it a step further, Microsoft recently released new insights for Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags developed to better meet business requirements and increase website traffic and conversions.

It is scheduled to begin activation on July 3 and will be enabled automatically without any manual intervention for existing UET tags.

New UET Insights:

UET Insights comes with a powerful built-in dashboard for website data, with the aim of making it easier for advertisers to understand user engagement.

It includes critical data such as

  • The total number of visitors to the website as well as the number of visitors to each page
  • A summary of sessions in accordance with origin country and device type
  • Data on quick backs, that implies to customers who visit a website for only a few seconds
  • Data on the amount of time visitors spend on your website

These insights encompass additional indicators such as page latencies, which include both speed and load times, the specifics of purchase carts, and many more.

No coding is required to activate UET Insights. Existing tags will be continually modified on the backend, and any new tags generated in the future will include UET Insights.

Advertisers are also given the option to disable UET Insights if needed.

What does Microsoft’s new Universal Event Tracking (UET) mean to brands and advertisers?

The gradual shift to a privacy-centric world is already shaking up the digital marketing industry. To effectively handle the situation, brands and advertisers are striving to rethink their strategies and looking for all possible ways to do targeted advertising so as to maximize the campaign's performance.

At this point in time, the addition of Microsoft’s new UET insights will indeed be a welcome move for advertisers. Because an in-depth understanding of users’ interactions on the website is crucial for any business to make meaningful marketing decisions, and the new UET insights pave the way for this,

Here are a few ways we believe it will assist advertisers:

  • The granular idea of how users interact with different elements on the website will help advertisers to spot web pages that need improvement. In that regard, as the new UET insights provide data on interactions such as clicks and scrolls, load times, etc., it will be highly beneficial to tweak them for further improvements. Advertisers can use this data to tailor the messaging and design in those areas to better capture users' attention and increase user engagement.
  • As the new UET insights cover data from interactions such as clicks to details related to cart abandonment, advertisers will be able to analyze user behaviour throughout the conversion funnel. Thus, by tracking each step of the user, who is at different stages in their purchase journey, advertisers can easily find drop-off points and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly to improve conversion rates.
  • In-depth event tracking paves the way for advertisers to conduct A/B testing effectively. As advertisers will be able to track specific events for each variation, they can easily evaluate which version performs better. As a result, they can well plan their marketing strategies and allocate their budget more efficiently. Ultimately, it will help them drive more engagement and other desired outcomes.
  • The new insights will help advertisers effectively segment website visitors into different user groups. For instance, the new UET insights provide a breakdown of data on countries and device types. Using this, advertisers can target specific segments with personalized messaging or offers that are more likely to resonate with specific groups and improve click-through rates.

Overall, Microsoft’s new Universal Event Tracking (UET) insights are something advertisers must leverage to minimize conversion loss and enhance the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.


Sarah Johnson

Sarah is an analytical marketing expert with a passion for data-driven insights. She has a keen eye for detail and a talent for turning complex information into actionable strategies. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, travel, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.


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