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Published: April 06, 2023

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With generative AI becoming the digital assistant for brands, the growth of generative AI tools has exploded in recent months.

The AI model used by OpenAI captivated the internet. Following that, all the tech giants in the world—from Microsoft to Google to Salesforce to Adobe—are racing to become the leader in this space.

Microsoft partnered with the creator of ChatGPT, Open AI. Through the partnership, the company incorporated the power of ChatGPT into its search engine, Bing, to bring more accuracy to search queries and enhance the user experience.

With that announcement having shaken up the industry, Google announced its own AI tool, Bard, within a matter of days.

Of late, Microsoft has also released its generative AI tool, Dynamics 365 Co-pilot, to improve everything from CRMs to supply chain management.

With the rise of real-time technologies and generative AI, the world is witnessing one of the most profound technological shifts.

Marc Benioff,

CEO of Salesforce

Amid all this, Instreamatic, a Google-backed AI marketing company, recently launched contextual audio ads. This new approach uses generative AI to sharpen traditional audio ads.

It is undeniable that in today’s digital landscape, consumers are becoming more resistant to generalised advertising that relies on barrages of ads to generate conversions, which is putting the digital advertising sector at risk of declining engagement rates across ad types.

To overcome this obstacle successfully, everyone in the industry is striving to adopt generative AI tools and make meaningful changes in the way they connect with their target market and improve engagement.

Instreamatic’s Contextual Audios Ads are better at capturing listeners’ attention because they speak precisely to that listener’s context and needs in the moment.

Stas Tushinskiy, CEO


Can generative AI maximize the diminishing engagement rate and ROI for brands?

Quite possibly.

But how and why?

AI is what everyone has been talking about in recent months. ChatGPT surpassed one million users in just five days of its launch.

Indeed, marketers are busy exploring and experimenting with the intuitive new generative AI tools.

Now, to answer the above-mentioned question, I must dive deeper into the reasons why marketers are finding it hard to drive the engagement and ROI of marketing campaigns.

Here are the few challenges marketers have:

Creating personalized content:

As audiences are increasingly becoming accustomed to personalized content, marketers are under pressure to create personalized content for different target segments so as to meet their unique needs and interests.

Time consumption:

Marketers are required to spend never-ending time creating engaging content in order to capture audience attention.

Audience Segmentation:

It has been backbreaking for marketers to analyze and understand audiences’ interests and needs. As a result, marketers fail to identify different potential audience segments and cannot reach high-value audiences.

Financial investment:

To create personalized content that meets audience expectations, marketers are required to increase their budget for hiring appropriate personnel to accomplish it.

Fresh and innovative ideas:

The competition is fierce in the digital landscape, and it puts marketers in a position to come up with unique and creative ideas to make them noticeable for audiences.

Targeted advertising:

Understanding audiences' interests and creating content accordingly to do precise targeting so as to ensure their marketing is not wasted has been a huge challenge for marketers.

Simply put, the generative AI is showing tremendous potential to assist marketers in successfully surpassing all these challenges. Be it content creation, less time consumption to create more ideas, or precise targeting, AI smooths the path for marketers to improve their overall efficiency.

Besides, generative AI helps marketers in creating videos, images, sentiment analysis, SEO, and so on.

This is the reason why we strongly believe generative AI will be of great benefit to marketers and help boost the dwindling response rates of marketing campaigns.

Having said that, generative AI is not the silver bullet that will change everything and bring success to brands in no time. A concrete marketing strategy and strategic approach are a must for brands to reap the best results.

And, in our opinion, AI can be a potential catalyst to improve engagement rates and facilitate their overall marketing efforts.


Pete Johnson

Pete is a MarTech expert guru with a knack for getting diverse MarTech solutions work for brands. He has a wealth of experience in working with a plethora of MarTech platforms that dive Personalized Omnichannel Experiences. When he's not at work, you can find him playing basketball or listening to jazz.


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