Denon raises the Bar - launches Personalized Ear-Buds for Customers

Published: June 22, 2023

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Denon has new ear-buds that the brand says will bring more personalization to their customers’ ears.

PerL is the new ear-buds that the seasoned and experienced Japanese audio manufacturer Denon is releasing. Denon has made audio equipment for more than 100 years and prides itself on always striving to be the best, even if they are not the first to market a product. They look and sound very interesting and some even think this might be what will dethrone Apple and its AirPods!

The PerL series of earbuds comes in two different models - the PerL Pro, and the PerL which have Active noise canceling technology and a snazzy new design. The ear-buds blend Denon’s vivid and spacious signature sound with hand-tuning by its legendary sound master. The ear-buds use proprietary technology that Denon now owns after it acquired Nuro, earlier this year.

The PerLs' actually stands for 'Personalized Listening experience' and Denon says that the ear-buds use a proprietary Masimo technology that measure faint otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) produced by the inner ear when various tones are played to assess each person’s unique response to sound. The OAEs are analyzed to find out how sensitive a person’s ears are to each frequency, and a personal hearing profile is created in the Denon PerL Headphone app, using AI. These headphones measure the intricacies of each person’s ear to configure the ear-buds - so the sound quality really appeals to each ear.

The Adaptive Acoustic Technology created individualized profiles and bring incredible depth, detail and clarity to the ear-buds and tune them to match each user’s unique hearing profile. Most headphones do a one kind fits all method so this is something that sets the PerL series apart.

The buds come in a funky new design – they have a plate kind of thing that sits outside the ear and has all the controls. The PerL Pro is an advanced model has a longer battery life and comes with extra features such as lossless support and Spatial Audio using Dirac Virtuo's model.

Both models are available in limited quantities now from The Pro costs $349/€349 /£249, and the non-Pro, $199/€199/£189. The full-blown release will happen later this year.

Personalized hearing and brands

Denon is a known name in audio equipment. And when it acquired Nuro, it just got a whole lot stronger. And the new ear-buds are a testament to that.

When the whole world – even the big names like Apple and Sony and Sennheiser – offers head-phones that are pretty much a ‘one sort fits everyone’ – here is a completely different kind of offering. This is a level of personalization that has never been seen before!

It is a known proven fact that everyone hears things differently from the other. The neurons in the hearing center of the brain react differently to sounds, in different people. This means that different people hear the same sound, differently. Our brains process sound based on how that sound is delivered through our ears.

Forget different people – one ear hears differently from the other.

So in a scenario like this, this is a great way to offer what works best for the ears to each individual person. This way, everyone would hear music as it is meant to be heard. As the composer intended it to sound – or maybe not! 😊 But this is a great way to ensure that everyone is able to hear sounds in the best way possible, regardless of their hearing capabilities.

This kind of niche offering sets Denon apart from the others – this is a huge differentiator. Here is a brand that chooses to personalize its offerings to such a great extent that they offer a product that can be customized to suit each individual!

By harnessing the power of technology, Denon has been able to produce ear-buds that can make the whole process of hearing, optimal for each individual user. And that is true personalization – that enriches the customer experience and wows them, without the shadow of a doubt.

This is what brands must aspire to. And with the bar having been set this high, it is not going to be easy!


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