ChatGPT Handles Giant Spoon's Super Bowl Tweets. What is the Takeaway for Marketers?

Published: February 10, 2023

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Marketing agency Giant Spoon recently announced that ChatGPT will be the brains behind the agency’s Super Bowl tweets this year.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence bot developed by OpenAI that has sparked interest among advertisers and brands alike. Giant Spoon, which has worked with clients such as Netflix, Petco, and General Electric, will use the AI tool to generate live tweets during the Super Bowl Sunday.

We’re giving our creative department [Super Bowl Sunday] off, and ChatGPT will be generating all of our Super Bowl reaction content. We're literally handing over the keys to the kingdom to ChatGPT.

Noel Cottrell

Partner and Creative Chair at Giant Spoon

An effort to raise awareness about the agency's creativity will be part of Giant Spoon's ChatGPT Super Bowl initiative

According to the marketing agency, someone from the Giant Spoon team will plug in the necessary keywords to generate the copy. The company will tweet about the ads as well as the content and everything else going on in the Super Bowl.

Giant Spoon's previous experiments with ChatGPT were limited to internal graphics, pitch decks, and some content creation. If everything goes well during the Super Bowl, it could be a glimpse into AI's future use in client-facing work.

As artificial intelligence grows in popularity, some marketers are moving beyond the basics of tools like ChatGPT and into subscription services.

Despite its status as the latest marketing craze, Romero and others in the industry remain sceptical that ChatGPT can be used for consumer-facing initiatives, particularly during the year's biggest advertising event: the Super Bowl.

Why must marketers keep an eye on Giant Spoon’s Super Bowl tweets?

ChatGPT and AI in Marketing

ChatGPT and AI have been major talking points in the marketing industry in recent weeks. Some use it to pull and aggregate information for client briefs, copywriting, and other creative processes, just like Giant Spoon. Meanwhile, many others use the technology to streamline the workflow process.

Indeed, ChatGPT and other AI tools help marketers in many other ways. They -

  • Enhance customer service
  • Streamline market research
  • Saves time in understanding customer feedback and social media conversations, and so on.

Super Bowl tweets with ChatGPT:

As Super Bowl season is on, marketers are busy exploring every opportunity to connect with audiences. At the moment, the Giant Spoon's decision to test ChatGPT's effectiveness with Super Bowl tweets is very intriguing. As the experimentation is kept open to the public, it will outright pull the audience’s attention, thereby raising more awareness about the agency’s creativity on a social platform. Though ChatGPT can support content ideation, the human factor is essential to ensure the messages align with the brand’s vision. But the marketing agency clearly mentioned that there would be no human team working behind it.

Given these conditions, will the Giant Spoon's Super Bowl tweets resonate with audiences?

Can ChatGPT live up to expectations?

Will ChatGPT prove itself to be a revolutionary tool in the marketing arena?

Fingers crossed.

If the experiment turns out to be successful, the impact will indeed be huge. At the end, if the tweets of Giant Spoons have created meaningful, high-quality, and unique messaging based on the Super Bowl events, then we believe the credibility around ChatGPT-like tools will skyrocket. Which, may encourage more marketers and brands to use ChatGPT.

As of now, Giant Spoon’s move will, however, be a test of the capabilities of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence, as well as what technology can do and what it means for the advertising industry.

Ultimately, with the Giant Spoon’s experiments with ChatGPT, we believe that new learnings are guaranteed for marketers.


Bill Walker

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